How do You Define Excellent Customer Service?

A big thanks to Mo McKibbin for sitting down with me to discuss customer service for a bit. She runs the customer service discipline at the help desk software, Groove ( This is the first of a handful of topics we chatted about, feel free to watch our whole discussion here.

Mitch: What is your definition of great customer service?

Mo: My definition of great customer service is: to provide the most seamless and stress-free experience using a product or service from top to bottom.

So, obviously in an ideal world, if you’re using a software, the UI (user interface) is super easy to navigate, no one has any questions, nothing ever breaks, and there’s no bugs; or in retail, you order the product and then it arrives magically delivered by unicorns with cupcakes and there’s never any problems and nothing ever breaks.

That would be the most seamless and stress-free experience, however, that never happens.

So, the best service for a customer service representative is to look at those problems, answer those questions, solve those confusions, build good solutions as quickly and is easily as possible so that everyone who encountered problems forget that there was even a problem to begin with.

So, I would define customer service as pure seamlessness from top to bottom.

How do you define great customer service? Let us know in the comments below!

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