Jenny & Jeremy Part 2: How to Give Customer Support Our Customers Actually Want

This is the second part of a multi-part series featuring a discussion I had with Jenny Dempsey and Jeremy Watkin of and on their “Coffee and Customer Service” Google Hangout On Air segment. Check out part of the transcript below, and watch the entire here.


How can we make sure that we’re providing customer support in the areas that our customers actually want?


That’s interesting because yeah, a lot of the times your customers like, what they’re not saying is more important than what they are saying to you. So, it’s like I guess, we just take care of feedback.

We take all that feedback so importantly, so if a customer does share that with us, we really take that into consideration as far as, you know, applying it towards future customer contact because we figure, if one or two people want it, there’s probably someone else out there that wants it as well.

So, I guess they put a lot of focus into that to find – to serve their customers – to get information and we also survey our team – our customer service team – the reps that are on the front lines. Because they’re dealing with customers everyday, they hear about everything and so we take a lot of feedback from them so they have a voice, so they can share and give us that input and we can continue to improve our service.

So, that’s also really important too, listening to the internal customers and external customers.


Yeah, I think one thing I would add is that it takes customer service folks to, before they start helping the customer, to really recognize the need of the customer.

Even skills in the contact center like clarifying questions to make sure they really understand and restating what their customers just to make sure they really understand what the problem is and what the customers need is.

Even from a sales standpoint, really gathering all the information you can to understand what the customer needs and then you can customize your support to fit their need. It’s frustrating when you call customer service and you can tell that they’re reading off some script and it’s a script that doesn’t apply to the situation that you presented them with.

We really, I think our team is unique in that way that we hire people that we think are really competent and capable of tailoring their support toward each specific situation, it’s so critical.


Yeah, I feel like every time I call our cable company, which will remain unnamed, I feel like every time they ask me to make sure that the TV is turned on and that the cable is turned on. And it’s like, I get that, but I mean obviously, if I’m trying to watch TV and having issues, I feel like both of those would be turned on. You know, without even asking questions first, so I totally get what you’re saying.


One thing that we’re trying to do hopefully in the future is to automate some more functions. I think when people call in to just say, to verify a few things automatically so when they do actually get to the representatives they can jump right into the issue.

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