Jenny & Jeremy Part 1: How Much CustServ Communication is Too Much?

Jenny Dempsey and Jeremy Watkin of and were so kind to invite me to their regular “Coffee and Customer Service” Google Hangout On Air. Since we love to help customer service teams onboard and train efficiently, I was excited to learn more from Jenny and Jeremy. A brief transcript is below, but if you’d like to watch the whole video, check it out here.


How can we make sure we’re engaging customers enough, but not too much?

So, it’s like finding that balance and engaging them. Obviously, you don’t want to overwhelm the customer, that’s you know, then, you’ll scare them away, but you don’t want to have not enough there to keep them, the retention with you.

That’s a challenge, I mean, providing resources for the customer to access, you know, like help docs and make it easily accessible for them and they can kind of choose their point, their level of engagement. I think that’s key to make the customer realize that they get to choose the level. It’s kind of in their hands, the control is theirs, which kind of helps.

I don’t know, what do you think, Jeremy?


Well, I’m curious, you know, from a customer service standpoint, I think oftentimes customers wish we would engage them more. Especially, you know, we talk a lot about us trying to be good at proactive customer service, where we anticipate their issues and either fix them, or, you know, notify them about it. For example, we’re doing some scheduled maintenance and the fact that we’re emailing our customers is extremely appreciated. I think reminders about billing where truly, their account could be affected in some way are really important.

But, I’m curious to know Mitch, Jenny and I are definitely not marketing folks by any stretch of the imagination. How do you, I do think there is some balance with marketing working with customer service to really understand where that balances is, but how do you guys balance that in the marketing world?


Yeah, totally, so I think like you mentioned, you know, sending out email notifications, that’s something that we at least try to be diligent of, you know, when we make an update to our app. That’s actually something I have a question about in a minute, but you know, whenever we make an update to our app – we actually had one today – that we sent an email out on, just saying, “Hey! We have an update, go check it out.”

I think, Jenny, you hit the nail on the head too, from a marketing standpoint, you know, just providing those resources so that when people have questions or when they feel like they need support, they can go there, like if you have a resource section. We actually have one that we call “University,” it’s at We actually eat our own dog food, so we’ve got a bunch of lessons that people can pick there if they have issues that they’re facing, really whenever they need it.

So, yeah, that’s one way, but yeah, I do wonder, you know – we hit people on email, we hit them on Twitter, they can check it out there, and I just sometimes , hope that we’re not hitting them too much, but like you said, maybe we’re not hitting them enough?


Yeah, I do think a good rule of thumb personally, and I think, as a customer of different companies, I think if it has real value to the customer, I think they appreciate it.

You definitely get all ends of the spectrum of people who don’t ever want to be contacted but, that’s a minority.


How many times, let’s say, I don’t know, how many times a month do you think you guys touch your customers?


Once or twice maybe?


As far as a sweeping email, touching all of our customers or a large segment, probably once or twice a month.


Sure. Yeah, I think we’re in that same range too.

Stay tuned for more snippets of this hangout over the next handful of weeks and if you haven’t yet, check out our customizable onboarding checklist here.

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