4 Ways to Kickstart Client Success with Lessonly

A growing portion of our clients use Lessonly to educate and train their clients. Here are a few trends we are seeing when it comes to the contents of their lessons:

They are transferring the fundamentals: “Use this button to do X, and this tab to see Y.”

They are providing answers to FAQs: Account managers get asked the same things over and over again. Lessonly makes it easy to answer once, while educating repeatedly.

They are showing off their best and brightest: New clients want to learn about the strategies and successes of past clients, which is why we’ve noticed more and more case studies within lessons.

They are adding a personal touch: Account manager bios bring a personal touch to a digital engagement. Grab your headshot, paste your bio, tell us where we can find you on social media. Be a human. People like humans.

More trends soon!

Recognition from Robert Hunter
Lessonly Featured on TechCrunch

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