7 Ways to Boost the Motivation of Your Sales Reps

The beginning of a new sales period is an exciting time for everyone. There’s a buzz in the air, a clean canvas to fill, and new prospects to tap into. But sometimes that motivation can dwindle, as sales reps reset and look ahead to a new quota period. We’ve all fallen victim to the midday, midweek, or even mid-month slump, and the only way to beat it is to tap into the spirit of Chris Farley during this moment right here.

Okay, maybe that’s not the only way to feel motivated and energized.

But even Happy Patty, the most productive and chipper rep on your team, will require a little motivation every once in a while. And, the need for encouragement shouldn’t be viewed as a sign of weakness, but instead as a common side effect of doing the same job day in and day out.  Look, employee burnout is real, and people are looking for jobs in an environment where reaching that point is avoidable.

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So, if you’re ready to improve the success of your sales force, there’s no question that motivation should be a top priority. Here are seven tried-and-true strategies to start implementing today.

1. Provide ongoing training and enablement 

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to remember that training and enablement is a huge motivator for sales reps. After all, employees feel motivated to do their job well when they have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. And, ongoing training and enablement is the perfect way to equip and empower reps so they feel confident going into any selling situation.

2. Deliver individual sales coaching

Sales reps feel motivated when training and development is a priority. And while there are plenty of sales training programs out there, one consistent element that should ring true for every single one of them is sales coaching. Despite this, sales managers only spend 5% of their time coaching reps. But, sales organizations that prioritize sales coaching see actually improved productivity, engagement, retention, and overall performance.

3. Ask questions and build trust

Getting to know your sales reps and how they work best, both as individuals and as a collective unit, is a vital part of coaching for sales performance and any sales management strategy. Besides getting to know your teammates, your sales reps also need to trust you in order to feel motivated by you. After all, a rep will only feel properly inspired if they know the motivator has their best interest in mind.

4. Lead by example

We’re real big fans of bringing the human side of things to every work environment and situation. We’re not robots, we’re people. We learn best by example, and we find inspiration in people who are role models with high standards and high achievement. So, whether you’re a sales manager, director of sales, sales VP, or other sales team leader, tap into those sales coaching best practices that model the behavior and outcomes you seek. If you want your sales team to collaborate, perform, and achieve at high levels, be sure to model what those things look like.

5. Develop a sales matrix

A skills matrix is a helpful sales coaching tool for every single team. This chart gives reps a clear understanding of where their skill sets lie in relation to the rest of their team, what skills they do well, and what skills they need to improve. This goes hand in hand with effective sales training, enablement, and coaching as it gives everyone a full path to rep growth and development over the course of their career.

6. Set clear goals

Everyone deserves to know what is expected of them. It’s kind of cruel to not share that information, right? And your sales reps can’t attain quotas and reach goals they don’t understand. So, make sure your expectations are well-defined, clearly communicated, and shared often. It’s also vital that you believe in their ability to reach these goals as your belief in them will only fuel their own confidence.

7. Highlight what’s working

This sales coaching tip is a big one. In fact, Lessonly CEO, Max Yoder, has talked a lot about appreciative inquiry and the importance of highlighting what’s working. Appreciative inquiry helps us identify and share concrete examples of doing a job well so more people mirror the behavior.  A little appreciation can go a long way, making it an important aspect of any plan to motivate your sales team. Celebrate the little things, the small wins that might not seem to have too much impact. T

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