The Secret to Scaling Your Team, Hitting Your Numbers, and Choosing Sales Training Software SDRs & AEs Will Love

This is one of those sales training topics that’s for all of you out there who’ve suffered through one too many semi-helpful workshops, role play exercises, instructor-led training sessions, or online learning modules. I’m here to tell you that there’s a way—and a good one—to deliver personalized training to impact your bottom line and hit the numbers you care about.

Scaling is both a joy and a struggle.

Before we jump into “the secret” to fixing old-school types of sales training programs and delivering personalized training and coaching at scale instead, let’s talk about the challenge at hand. Here’s the truth: Growing and scaling a sales organization where sales reps are aligned and empowered to do their jobs is hard. It’s super challenging, especially when you factor in things like turnover, onboarding, geographically dispersed workforces, continual product updates, messaging changes, and the list goes on. Free sales training programs just don’t cut it anymore.

As a marketing teammate who works with our sales enablement team to create assets like one-pagers, decks, and email messaging, I can confidently say that our SDRs have the most challenging jobs at Lessonly. They have to cut through the noise and shine in the inbox of their target audience. And there are dozens of other SDRs and AEs out there trying to do the same thing. Not to mention that at organizations that are scaling, they’re likely prospecting in new markets and verticals to folks with new job titles in new ways. 

Long story short, the traditional sales training methods we’ve relied on need to change—especially because the week after a new rep is onboarded or two months after SKO, things could be completely different.

What’s the solution?

Three little words: sales training software. The shift to remote and hybrid work was already on its way pre-COVID, but it fully accelerated in 2020. For many mid-market and enterprise sales orgs, remote work acted as a catalyst. Everyone suddenly saw that their sales training was impersonal and that an annual SKO is not enough to keep everyone engaged and talking, thinking, and selling the same way for a whole year. Instead, orgs need a tool that makes ongoing enablement simple and actually enjoyable for reps. A tool that’s helpful, doesn’t clutter the already hectic sales tech stack, and one that’s intuitive. (Not to mention one that’s easy for trainers, enablers, and coaches to use.)

Top sales training programs in the modern world rely heavily on training, enablement, and coaching software like Lessonly. But rather than me telling you three things I love about Lessonly for sales teams, hear what our customers have to say:

1. Reps at Uber for Business grow with our new Skills product.

In May 2021, we launched a new product, Lessonly Skills. You can learn all about it at that link, but the important thing to note is that it allows growing organizations to deliver coaching to frontline teammates. And coaching that’s personalized to their performance strengths and weaknesses without the time-consuming elements people normally associate with coaching. To hear more about Skills, you’ll either have to take a demo or read how Uber for Business’ team is leveraging Skills today.

2. Reps from Jostens finally enjoy training. 

Honestly, we’ll just let this quote from our friend Mark at Jostens speak for itself:

“With Lessonly, our rep engagement and approval ratings are off the charts. High 98% and 99%. When you start to marry that up into sales results, we’ve had some of the best sales years that we’ve probably had in 30 or 40 years.”

—Mark Bussell, National Manager of Learning & Development, Scholastic Division, Jostens

Engaged reps are happier reps. And based on these numbers from Mark, apparently happier reps close more deals, too. Read Jostens’ full story here and explore their great sales training program example.

3. ramps their reps 5x faster now.

Last but not least,, a company that makes homeownership more accessible and simple, ramps their reps at lightning speed. Now, training looks like creating a lesson, assigning it, updating as needed, and repeating that process. Basic sales training makes an initial impact, but training like this has a lasting effect. Read more here.

“We’re in an industry that has a lot of moving parts and some processes can be confusing. So, to be able to give consistent knowledge to the people who do those processes every day was a big deal.”

—Dru Delaforet, Corporate Trainer,

Final thoughts

The stats and stories from Lessonly sales customers always affirm for me that whether you’re creating sales training courses for beginners or training for the most seasoned reps, the types of sales training methods you choose matter. And as our world continues to become more tech-centric, it will only become more important to ditch the old-school sales training modules and find a modern solution like Lessonly instead.


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