What Makes A Good Sales Trainer? I’m Glad You Asked

At Lessonly, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked for sales leaders that care about developing their sales reps, progressing skill development, and designing sales training curriculum that resonate with us reps to inspire progress. 

It isn’t always easy to build out sales training programs that are engaging and insightful, but there are a few qualities that the top sales training programs have in common. The best sales training programs I’ve been in have been relevant to my role, engaging to me as a learner, and focused on providing me with consistent feedback. Here’s a short and sweet look at three tactics the best sales leaders have.

1. Read the room

But to start you first and foremost have to know your audience. All people learn in different ways and everyone is at a different place in their career, so it is important to cater to the needs of your individual reps. 

Basic sales training or sales training courses for beginners should only be required for new and entry-level sales reps; it is more prudent to focus on sales skills training or product knowledge training for more senior sellers because they’ll have more experience going into new training sessions. 

2. Add variety

All of your reps are diverse and come from different backgrounds, so every sales training program should have variety. Adding diversity to your sales curriculum makes it more engaging and helps hold a rep’s attention. Online sales training can be a sales trainer’s best friend here because it allows you to scale your program, add interactive elements, and provide a point of reference for your sales reps after the training session has ended. If you want to learn more about how Lessonly helped SalesLoft increase sales rep performance and reduce ramp time for new reps through software sales training, we’ve got you covered.

3. Iterate, iterate, and then iterate some more.

Another one of the most helpful sales training techniques is to continuously improve the program. Be open to feedback from your sales reps, and let them have a part in making the training better going forward. Always listen! It will help you learn about what your team liked about their training and how it can get better. The key is to empower your sales reps and make them feel like they make the different types of sales training programs they participate in successful.

You might just be getting started in your sales training journey or you could be a seasoned professional! Either way, here is a sales training program template that will provide you with a sales training program example. It is your ultimate guide to sales enablement! The resource contains 75 lessons that every successful sales training program should have, and you’ll learn more about how to level up your sales team so they can consistently hit quota. 

Happy selling!


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