Our Favorite Sales Training Software Features

As a sales manager, director, or founder, it’s your job to give your sales team the tools they need to be successful. No pressure, right? But the truth is, without effective sales training processes and techniques in place, you’re basically playing a big game of telephone with your values and strategies. What you taught to your first hires might get passed on correctly… or it might not. Yikes!

Gone are the days when a training program was as simple as handing out a sales playbook, having a few training sessions, and sitting in on a few calls. We understand that the sales profession looks much, much different than it did 20 or even 5 years ago. Today’s sellers are dealing with the high expectations of buyers, decision-by-committee, disruptive technology, mergers and acquisitions, product innovations… and so much more.

However, as a proud member of the SaaS world, we know that with the right sales training ideas and resources, you’ll l be able to share all of your knowledge, experience, tricks, and sales strategies into an easily digestible format for new hires. In fact, truly effective SaaS training requires a much greater investment of resources and time. That’s why we’re big fans of sales training software. 

What Is Sales Training Software?

Sales training can come in different learning formats, such as on-site sessions, eLearning, or online courses. These approaches can be enhanced with sales training software that provides on-demand access to engaging content, such as video-based presentations and interactive quizzes. In today’s economy, buyers are more educated and markets are more diverse. It’s key that sales reps understand not only what they sell, but how and to whom they sell it. In fact, firms that use technology effectively are 57% more effective at sales training and development than ineffective technology users, according to the Sales Management Association.

Must-Have Features to Look for in Your Sales Training Software

Selecting the right online sales training software can revamp the performance of your sales reps for the better—and your business in general. But with several types of sales training programs and software solutions out there, how do you prioritize what’s essential and decide what features to look for in the right sales training software? Here are some features that we feel are non-negotiable when it comes to great sales training software.

  1. A user-friendly interface: It’s important to find a single platform that covers all the bases or easily integrates with other solutions for a great user experience. Make sure to look for a platform that makes it easy for trainers and managers to create, update, and share training content. Then, make sure it’s just as user-friendly for your sales reps to complete and search for training. 
  2. An onboarding component designed for results: Let’s face it. Onboarding is important for every company to nail. In fact, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great onboarding. Look for a solution that pushes out onboarding training on an automatic basis and makes it easier to deliver onboarding for a longer period of time. 
  3. The ability to practice and perfect: Learning new skills and information is one thing. But, being able to apply new knowledge and skills is a whole new level of sales training success. That’s why we think every great sales training program should include the opportunity to practice and hone new skills within your training platform. This helps ensure your reps grasp what they are learning and allows you to provide efficiency coaching and feedback. 
  4. Custom learning and certification solutions: If you’re looking to create a culture of learning within your sales organization, it’s also important to give your reps the chance to learn and grow on their own time. A great sales training platform makes it easy to create custom training paths that address training needs and gaps. Additionally, you may want to have your reps become certified in a certain topic or skill within the same solution. 
  5. Tracking and measurement tools: Measuring training is hard. The good news is that a great sales training system brings training data into easy-to-use dashboards that help teams visualize how their sales training program is doing. In fact, the most effective sales training techniques include ongoing iterations and improvements to their training program over time. 

Sales team software matters. And while there are plenty of solutions out there, they aren’t all created equally. That’s why it’s important to make a list of your wants and needs when it comes to choosing the right sales training solution partner. You can also take a look at sales training software comparisons and read unbiased reviews from other companies who use certain training software. 


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