4 Secrets to Building a World-Class B2B Sales Program with Sales Training Software

The market for B2B sales talent is insanely competitive right now. Arguably more competitive than it’s ever been before. With a national unemployment rate of 3.8%, it’s critical for sales organizations to invest in their new hires, cultivate the talent in their veterans, and enable newbies and vets alike to the highest extent. In many ways, the success of their business depends on it. This isn’t just about creating a robust sales training framework; it’s about having the right sales training software solution in place to deliver that training to your team. The strongest B2B sales training programs I’ve seen consistently include the following four key components:

1. Assess your program constantly.

In the words of Amit Kalantri, “To assess the quality of thoughts of people, don’t listen to their words, but watch their actions.” Great B2B sales training leaders are constantly assessing how their program is enabling reps. Having an LMS in place that allows managers to gain insight into how their reps are progressing in their training is always a great place to start. Using software to scale training is a great way to really understand rep engagement across the board, whether you’re enabling two or 2,000 people. The goal of your sales training program should be that every time you welcome someone new to your team, whether it’s a new SDR or AE, it’s a better experience than it was the last time someone was onboarded. With an LMS, learning from what worked and what didn’t the previous go around and leveraging that knowledge to adapt your training program becomes simple.

 2. Leverage your team.

Training should be built with top-performing reps in mind. Any sort of enablement should constantly be answering the question, “What training can I provide here that’ll turn all reps into top performers?” Cross-departmental collaboration and communication is huge in this because selling goes way beyond just the sales team. Working with the product team, customer experience, marketing, and ops about ways to optimize training and gain alignment across the whole company has been game-changing at Lessonly. By having a solution that allows salespeople on your team and people in different departments to create content, you allow new products and processes to be easily disseminated from the source to your reps. Whether you’re ramping a new rep or refining a seasoned one, the quicker the right information is provided to your rep, the quicker they can learn and ultimately adopt the change. 

3. Make it fun.

Salespeople need their SaaS sales training delivered in a way that’s truly engaging and fun. Rather than having your B2B sales training topics sent out in a PowerPoint, you want your reps learning their sales training with tools like video or screen recording, where a rep can visualize and practice how to demonstrate the solution or how to use the internal software that they need to learn. It also delivers the training content in a manner that allows your reps to access it on any device, when and where they need it. By having a platform that can create visually engaging content as well as deliver it, you will be set up well for success!

4. Ensure reps can practice.

Practice won’t make perfect, but it will undeniably make progress. In the words of Anton Chekhov, “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” Allow your reps to continually practice their soft and hard skills. Practice is such a critical component of enablement, and it’s worth dedicating time to because it helps reps feel more empowered and managers build a software sales training program that actually drives results. The opportunity to practice equips teams to hear about real-world scenarios, rebuttals, challenges, and more they’ll undeniably see in the field, and allows them to practice addressing them whether it be by video screen or email.   

Of course, there’s way more that goes into building a world-class sales training program than what I have listed above, but starting here and developing a robust sales training curriculum with engagement, fun, and practice in mind is a great place to start.

Lessonly—the sales training solution for your busy team

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