5 Sales Training Courses for Product and Service Knowledge

Sales training courses are a great tool to enable reps with the skills and knowledge they need to connect with prospects, deliver demos, and close more deals. Our three-part blog series provides free sales training courses for your sales training program including product and services courses, demo training ideas, and ways to improve negotiation skills. Let’s take a look!

The right courses for sales professionals can help your sales reps to succeed. One of the biggest reasons that training courses fail is because they don’t provide reps with the pieces of information that they need to prospect customers and move deals through the pipeline. If you are looking to put together sales training programs for your sales reps, part of the focus for the program needs to be on the products or services that your reps are selling.

If your sales team doesn’t know the ins and outs of what they are selling, they’ll have a hard time pitching it to someone else to buy. As you put together an inside sales training course for your sales reps, here are some of the features that need to be highlighted or the specific courses that need to be implemented when it comes to teaching your employees about the products and services that they are selling.

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Product basics courses

As you look to put together online sales training for your sales reps, one of the specific type of course that you should offer is a product basics course. This type of sales course highlights the types of products or services that your business offers. You want your employees to have a complete grasp on the products that you sell, so that they can explain to others why they need this product or why one product is better than another.

For example, if your sales reps sell roofing products, they need to know the exact types of shingles, shakes or panels your company offers. They need to know what they exact uses are for the various types of roofing products that are sold, what the features are for the specific types of roofing products, and what the capabilities or advantages are for each of the products you sell. Customers want someone who is educated to answer their questions and help guide them to the right product. If your sales team doesn’t know the product, they may not be able to provide the customer with the answers they need to make a decision and close a sale.

Pricing basics courses

Another course that you want to include when you are coming up with sales training ideas is pricing basics courses. You never want your sales reps to give out false information in order to get someone to sign up for their product. Unfortunately, not every sales rep understands how the product is priced or what type of pricing structure your business uses. There may be various types of pricing strategies in place, including recurring fees or set-up and start-up fees. It’ important to educate your reps on the types of fees that you charge for your products or services so they can provide customers with true and correct pricing information.

Partnerships courses

As you look to set up your top sales training programs or a sales training agenda, partnership courses need to be included as part of the sales course as well. You want to share your company’s partnership list, what the strategy is for partnering with these other companies, why the partnership is beneficial for those you are looking to sell products to, and everything your reps need to know when mentioning the partners and/or working hand-in-hand with the partners.

Oftentimes, reps don’t know what companies your business partners with, why you partner with them or what your ultimate vision is with the partnership. Sharing this information can help them to talk up the company or understand what the goals are when the two companies work together for a customer.

Integrations courses

There are many different types of sales training programs and courses that you need to offer to help your top sales representatives succeed. This may include B2B inside sales training or B2B sales training topics. Another key type of course to offer is an integrations course. Many companies work with other companies or other staff members in the same building to offer integrations. You want to give your reps training that covers what these integrations are, why they are in place and how they can best utilize them when working with customers.

Additional offerings courses

Finally, as you put together a sales training course for the products and services that you offer, you want to have a course or module that covers all of the additional services that your business may offer. SaaS sales training courses can be useful if you have software products or services. You may need user onboarding or account management training on these types of services if your company offers them. Consider offering online sales training certification in the varies types of additional services that your company offers to ensure your sales staff really understands the different types of services you offer, the difference among the different services you offer, and how to explain to customers what types of services may be beneficial to them and why.

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