The Top 5 Key Features of Great Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement can have a significant impact on a company. With every interaction, sales reps need to know everything about your product, service, customers, and more. By tapping into the power of sales enablement tools, reps can quickly become experts, close more deals, and Do Better Work. This blog series offers an in-depth look at enablement tools and how they can empower reps to increase productivity throughout the sales process. Let’s dive in.

Choosing the right sales enablement tools to complement your training and coaching is a key part of any quality sales enablement program. These tools can help sales and marketing teams reduce the friction of content sharing and collaboration and improve efficiency in the sales process. However, with an ever-expanding sales tech stack, it can often be overwhelming to understand which tools are best positioned to help your team.

As you evaluate the tools to meet the need of your sales force, it’s important to start with a clear understanding of the problem you want to solve. Assess your sales reports (likely from your CRM) to get the full picture of the data that lives around your sales reps and you’ll most likely uncover areas of gaps where you can make improvements. Be sure to consider the full sales cycle from top of the funnel activities all the way to your closing events.

Once you have a clear understanding of the problem you want to solve, it’s finally time to start looking for the tools to meet your needs—this is the fun part. While there are many great tools on the market to help with everything from managing the sales funnel to tracking sales activity, remember that any tool you implement is only as good as the engagement you get from your team. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the key features you should consider when choosing the right tool to meet the needs of your sales team:

Simple user interface

As I mentioned, your tools are only as good as the engagement and buy-in that you receive from your reps. This is why a simple, easy-to-use interface is important to consider during the evaluation. Find a tool that is intuitive for your sales reps to navigate and makes it easy to find the content they need when they need it. Many tools on the market have done a nice job taking complex solutions and making the engagement layer of their software easy to interact with.

One of our top values at Lessonly is to “put learners first.” This means that every design decision we make with new features and functionality always goes through the lens of our learners. We want to know how each learner will engage with the tool and ensure that the learner experience stays top of mind during the process.

Easy content creation tools

One of the hardest parts about implementing a new sales enablement tool into your sales tech stack is the difficulty of creating and maintaining the content your sales resp will consume. Most sales teams move at a fast pace, which means waiting for content to be developed before you can get it to the team can literally make all the difference in winning and losing a deal. During your evaluation, be sure to consider how quickly and easily you can create new content for your team. Look for a tool that allows you to leverage all your subject-matter experts and top sales reps as content creators in a way that doesn’t require special training.

At Lessonly, we call this “purposefully simple” and believe in speed over fidelity. We want to empower all creators to share their expertise and ensure the best content gets into the hands of your reps as quickly as possible.

Effortless collaboration

One challenge I often see plaguing sales enablement teams is the tendency to work in silos. Working closely with your customers (your sales team) in a tight feedback loop is imperative to create the enablement that will get the results and positively impact your business. Look for a tool that helps you easily facilitate collaboration with all of your stakeholders across the business.

One of Lessonly’s core values is to “share before we’re ready.” This means that we don’t spend too much time on any given project before we ask for feedback from our teammates. While we may feel vulnerable to share something that may not be fully fleshed out, it allows us to get the input we need and quickly develop the best end solution to meet the needs of our business.

Ubiquitous access

Developing the best content and enablement is only effective if your sales reps can get what they need when they need it. When deciding on a sales enablement tool, be sure to look for a solution that allows your team to easily access the information and learning content they need to do their best work. Mobile apps and access are table-stakes for a sales team that is often out in the field. It’s also important to review the other tools your team uses on a regular basis and to ensure that every tool can integrate with one another.

At Lessonly, we work closely with many partners, like Salesforce and Zendesk, to ensure our solutions work well together and provide reps a seamless experience. We also believe in the power of contextual learning, which is why we developed our Chrome extension which recommends enablement content based on rep behavior and provides access to their full library of training content at their fingertips.

Comprehensive analytics

You can’t prove value to something you can’t measure. When it’s time to decide on your next sales enablement tool, be sure to consider the data you can view and manipulate. This will help you ensure your programs are making the impact your business needs. Every layer of data is valuable, so it’s important to look at data functionality and recording from the individual rep all the way up to the entire team.

At Lessonly, we work hard to create the right visualizations of data so leaders can easily spot trends in their sales enablement programs. However, we believe you shouldn’t be locked into what you can see. Every customer can download the data from their Lessonly account and manipulate in their own business intelligence tools for even better business data and decision making.

Sales enablement tools are a must-have in today’s fast-paced sales environment. But finding the right tools can be hard. When you find a tool with these 5 key features, you’ll get your evaluation off to the best start and be on the right path to reaching business goals.

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