Insights for the Best Sales Teams in the Galaxy

Every month, thousands of companies release new products and features. In the midst of corporate change and new product offerings, salespeople are often on the frontlines of communicating these new opportunities to the world. But with an ever-changing market, sales teams must stay ahead of the speed of business if they want to succeed. That’s why we created our newest ebook, The Future of Sales: Insights for the Best Sales Teams in the Galaxy.

Our Crew of Experts

A great crew is essential for any meaningful journey. That’s why we tapped into the expertise of some of the world’s foremost sales leaders, educators and teachers, including:

  • Deb Calvert, President, People First Productivity Solutions
  • Jeff Hoffman, Sales Educator, Speaker, and Author
  • Olivier L’Abbe, VP of Sales, G2 Crowd
  • Michael Manne, VP of Sales, Namely
  • Michelle Pietsch, Senior Director of Sales, Drift
  • Kyle Porter, CEO, SalesLoft
  • Lori Richardson, CEO and Founder, Score More Sales
  • Jill Rowley, Chief Growth Advisor, Marketo
  • Marko Savic, CEO and Founder, FunnelCake

These nine leaders are thinking critically about the sales industry and the seismic shifts that will impact the sales profession in the coming years. Catch the  share their thoughts about on the following topics:

Oncoming Trends

Our contributors have their eyes on a few key ideas that will drastically impact the sales space. One such idea is artificial intelligence and machine learning. As more steps of the sales process become automated and big data drives sales decision-making—what role will a sales rep play?  

“The massive proliferation of sales tech vendors has created insane amounts of noise to buyers…Reps must be wary of this and rise above the noise with their buyer. The best way to do that is earning trust through sincerity and a human experience.Kyle Porter

The Impact of Change

There’s no doubt that these cultural and technological trends will impact the sales space. The question for sales leaders is, “How can I prepare my teams to harness these changes to win the market?” The sales trainers and enablement teams that ask this question—and take action on it—will be light-years ahead of the competition. Want to get started now? Download the ebook.

“Reps will need to become better at finding out the customer’s pains without having to get on the phone to run a discovery call. Many vendors already expect the salesperson to know a considerable amount about them and their business before the first call.”Olivier L’Abbe

The Tools For the Journey

With thousands of sales tools in play, the market is oversaturated with solutions for sales teams. Our contributors discuss the types of tools that are most impactful, offer advice for vetting a new product, and provide perspective on the true value of sales tools. This section is a must-read for sales leaders before implementing a new tool with your team.

Being good with tools does not replace being good with people. Over-relying on tools is what makes them detrimental…Sales success comes from the right balance of quality human interaction and appropriate use of supplemental tools.”Deb Calvert

The Qualities of All-Star Sales Reps

The rapidly-changing sales industry requires a new breed of salespeople, with a new set of skills. From curiosity and a desire to learn, to buyer-obsession and a passion for connection—sales leaders should begin to search for these skills during the interview process. They also should design sales training programs that hone these skills in their reps. 

“Sales reps need to be coachable—willing to learn new things and improve every day. We have to always look at what we’re doing and shift and morph it a little bit…Really listen to what your buyer is saying and don’t just assume that you know what their problem is.”Lori Richardson 

Out-of-this-World Teams

Building a great sales team is hard. It takes a certain kind of leadership, with the right blend of focus on operations, relationships, and motivation, to inspire stellar team performance. Want to be a better sales leader this year? Our contributors offer a few key ideas to put your team—and your leadership skills—on the path to higher performance.

“The expression I use is, ‘patience with people and impatience with pipelines.’ You want to build an environment that’s rabidly impatient with the book of business and the velocity of opportunities at the top of the funnel, but at the same time is incredibly patient with the people that they’re managing the process with.”Jeff Hoffman

This ebook was designed to help sales teams think intentionally about the future of the sales profession. A slow and steady trajectory won’t win the market in 2018—the successful sales team must be willing to shift, change, and grow. One of the best places to start that process is right here with Lessonly. Download The Future of Sales: Insights for the Best Sales Teams in the Galaxy today.

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