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7 Articles Every Sales Leader Should Read This Month

With just a few weeks left in the quarter, sales reps across the country are hustling to meet their quotas. Here are a few of the best sales management and sales productivity resources we saw this month: we hope they help you and your team continue to improve—and close those deals!

1. Are sales incentives becoming obsolete?

“Change is necessary for companies to affect sales force behavior and drive results in today’s multichannel sales environment.” Read the full article from the Harvard Business Review.

“The difference between the sales process management and effective sales coaching for your team is subtle but immensely important.” Read the full post from Matt Lubbers, Lessonly Director of Sales, on the Salesforce Blog.

3. “No Excuse” ways to get sales enablement done

“’No excuse’ means ownership. It means no matter what the circumstances are, there’s no excuse for not accomplishing the work. This mentality has helped get things done in less than ideal circumstances as an officer, as a sales rep and as a leader of sales enablement initiatives.” Read the full post from Peter Zink, an analyst at SiriusDecisions.

“As you probably know, sales forecasting can be a very frustrating activity for senior sales executives.  They desperately need accurate forecasts to do their jobs, but accurate forecasts are elusive.  If you want accurate forecasts, you need to determine if the real issue is forecast accuracy or poor sales capability.” Read the full post from Jason Jordan, partner at Vantage Point Performance, on the Salesforce blog.

5. The 11 best sales books

“We asked more than 50 sales leaders from a variety of industries for their favorite sales books, and we added a few of our own recommendations to the list. Here are our 11 must-read sales books!” Read the full post on the Lessonly blog.

6. 4 Things to invest in for future sales success: optimizing sales ingenuity

“AI will be analyzing the activities of both buyers and sellers to ensure sales professionals are correctly executing the sales process and that buyers are truly engaged in the buying process.” Read the full post from Jim Dickie, Managing Partner & co-founder of CSO Insights, on the Miller Heiman blog.

7. Rejection (and the four paths)

“If you seek to make change or do something important, your work will be rejected along the way…What will you do after that?” Read the full post from Seth Godin, best-selling author, on Seth’s blog.

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