World-Class Training: Powered by Lessonly

World-Class Training: Powered by Lessonly

Classy builds software that helps nonprofit organizations raise more money online. As if their dedication to people and causes around the world wasn’t already inspiring enough, Classy is equally committed to developing and growing their own team.

Classy became a Lessonly customer when they realized they needed a solution to better train and enable their sales force. At Classy, they call this effort “reinforcement training,” which includes almost everything we love to see from a company who is passionate about helping their employees do better work.

So, what is reinforcement training?

Brad Chrisakis was employee number six at Classy, and having grown with the company over the years, is the company’s biggest cheerleader for training and development. As a member of the sales management team and the operations department, Brad needed a tool that would help his sales team develop their skills as Classy as the same pace as the company is growing. He says, “We’d never done this type of reinforcement training for current employees, so we wanted to make sure that we did it right.” He didn’t want to force a new tool on his sales team that he didn’t believe would actually make them better at their jobs. He chose Lessonly as the online training software to power the training.

“We chose the term ‘reinforcement training’ because we like to introduce topics and then reinforce them,” Brad says. Classy uses Lessonly to cover sales knowledge and daily information that the team needs, but the value runs even deeper. Brad hopes that through Classy’s investment in Lessonly, it shows a sort of “reinforcement” of the company’s value in that employee.

“We wanted to make sure that we had a tool that could help us engage with our colleagues in a really meaningful way,” Brad says.
Features like Lessonly’s Salesforce integration convinced Classy to build their reinforcement training with Lessonly. The ability to deliver critical sales information right from within Salesforce where Brad’s team spends most of their day is another key feature for Brad’s quickly growing training program.

Building a world-class training program

“I think that one of the things that talented people look for in a company is a really robust training program,” Brad says. “They want to be able to come to a company—knowing that they might not be there the rest of their life—and leave that company with valuable skills and assets that they can use later on.”
Brad isn’t on a mission to build just any old training program. He wants to build a world-class training program with Lessonly.

Classy wants to be able to offer new hires knowledge and certifications that will make them better salespeople even if they decide to leave the company. Similar to how Enterprise Rent-a-Car’s employee training carries an unofficial seal of approval for employees’ future jobs, Brad wants to create that level of training at Classy:

I envision something valuable enough that they can put on their LinkedIn or their resume that they were trained at And, employers for future jobs are going to look at that resume and say ‘Oh, this person is invaluable.’

Classy is well on its way toward accomplishing its world-class training program by using Lessonly. Brad and his operations team are building Lessons and courses that reinforce the knowledge it takes to be a great employee at Classy, and beyond.

Create world-class sales training with Lessonly

Innovative companies like Classy use Lessonly’s team learning software to build sales enablement solutions that develop salespeople. Take the first step toward a stronger sales team with a self-guided, five-step tour of Lessonly. Sign up today.

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