What Was Missing in Sales This Quarter? Better Sales Enablement

What Was Missing in Sales This Quarter? Better Sales Enablement

As this month comes to a close, sales teams around the world are working diligently to finish the quarter strong. While many sales managers and leaders are looking ahead toward the rest of the year, many companies agree that the sales process isn’t getting any easier. In fact, 65% of the companies recently surveyed by Highspot agreed that the sales process is becoming increasingly more complex. With quotas getting larger and the sales process harder, sales enablement has never been more valuable in the bullpen.

The rules of sales are constantly changing

The biggest factors contributing to that sales complexity? 87% of sales teams pegged the number of internal stakeholders involved with the sales process, followed closely by the increase in internal sales processes, and the length of the sales cycle. Three different problems that all contribute toward eating up sales productivity.

Companies are working to solve these issues with sales enablement like coaching, training, and content, but as Highspot found in its survey, sales teams don’t feel as they’re quite there yet. For example, surveyed sales teams report a 22% gap between the importance of identifying sales best practices, and their performance in actually doing so. This means that teams know that they could be closing more deals and filling more pipeline, but don’t have the materials to do so. This hunger for more sales enablement should be at the front of every sales leader’s mind going into the new quarter.

Sales enablement produces results

The thing is, sales enablement has proven itself effective in helping teams do their jobs in a more productive manner. When interviewing companies that currently use sales enablement tools, Highspot reported that 75% of these companies had increased their sales numbers in the past 12 months. Nearly 40% of these same businesses saw an increase in sales of greater than 25%.

The report is full of similar stories of success for sales teams like increases in conversion rates, rep productivity. When planning for how to improve in the upcoming quarter, sales managers and sales leaders will find their time well spent in identifying areas that help to improve those three factors currently increasing sales complexity. For example, building a Lesson on competitor pricing with Lessonly’s Salesforce Sales Cloud integration kills two birds with one stone. Sales reps will know what the best practices are for engaging in a competitive deal, right from within Salesforce, a software they already use. Solutions like these will take planning on the part of sales leadership, but companies flourish once they are implemented.

Build dynamic sales enablement with Lessonly

Simplifying the sales process doesn’t mean that it has to have less context. Progressive sales teams around the world use Lessonly to give their reps the information they need, right when they need it. Take the first step toward hitting next quarter’s goal with a self-guided tour of Lessonly’s team learning software. Sign up today.

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