Sales Training Software for Flash Sales

Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, President’s Day, or just a day where you’re feeling generous, flash sales can revitalize a company’s income statement or take your sales numbers through the roof. Before the phones are ringing off the hook, the chat tabs are spread across two windows, and the shipping-label printer runs out of paper, prepare your employees with sales training software.

Know Deals and Steals

I love deals. I blame my genes – I got a great deal on them, though. You can find my aunts on both sides of my family patrolling garage sales during spring and even hosting their own with stuff they have accumulated along the way. Anyway, I say all of this because sometimes I just have money burning in my pocket and so do your potential customers. I see those “FLASH SALE 12 MINUTES ONLY” emails and my heart skips a beat. If I come to your site and open up a chat asking what the best deal is, I want a quick answer – I only have 12 minutes!

If your employees know the best deals at the tip of their fingertips, I’m suddenly more enticed to buy something. Instead, if I get a “…depends on what you’re looking for” response, or “I’m not sure, but do you have any questions on this other thing?” I’m probably not going to buy anything. A quick lesson in your sales training platform sent out before the flash sale starts could have added another deal to the scoreboard.

Product Knowledge

Having a few go-to items for your flash sale is important, but when you understand the benefits of the product over another and can translate the technical specifications to a simpleton like me, I’m even more ready to buy. Alternatively, if I have to Google “difference between [product x] and [product y],” I might not end up purchasing from your site.

People will pay more when a product expert is involved because people rely on them to give the best advice. By enabling your representatives to answer questions quickly and correctly during your flash sales, your company establishes itself as an expert in your market.

Leverage Non-Transactions

Retaining customers once they visit your website during a flash sale should be a key lesson in your retail sales training program. Simply asking for contact information is a good place to start. Gathering email addresses from chat users ensures you can reach back out to potential customers before the next sale. Even if they didn’t buy anything this round, they can be prepared for the next one with an update or notice.

Make the most of your next flash sale by improving your training regimen. Take a tour of Lessonly here.

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