If Your Sales Reps Don’t Care, They Don’t Sell

Sales is both an art and a science. The most successful salespeople must not only be masters of conversation, they must also know how and when to present their product or service in the best light.

As you begin to scale your sales team, it’s important find people who actually care about the product you sell, and the company your team has already built. That passion can have many sources: personal experience, the value the product brings to the market, or loving the company.

No matter the source, it must be self-generated; a sales manager can’t force team members to care. There are, however, ways you can stoke that fire.

1. Train them on the story

The better your team knows the story behind the product, the better they can convey it to prospects. Make sure your sales team knows what your company is doing for other organizations, and how it has helped other people. It’s important to craft a narrative around how your company can repeat success for a variety of prospects. When you have a flagship win, allow your team to share it, as well as how it happened.

2. Train them to take the path ahead

Consistent training on new features and improvements to a product helps the team tell the story of the product’s history, as well as the product’s place in a prospect’s future. The ability to paint a picture of an even more successful future can give salespeople the confidence they need to move prospects to the next step.

3. Train them on the sales skills they need

Storytelling is a talent, but it’s also one of many selling techniques that can be taught. Arming the sales team with storytelling techniques, along with specific talk tracks for the product, gives a foundation to build their own unique way to convey the value of your product. Giving team members the power to create their own narrative will help them care about how that story is delivered and received.

It’s tough to train for passion, and it starts with hiring the right people. But when you have people who care about the company, the product, and the mission, training can allow you to keep the passion burning.

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