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Successful sales people do things a bit differently than their counterparts. There’s a lot that goes into becoming a good salesman. Much of one’s success is a result of his habits. Social interaction is easy for the best salesmen and they are especially skilled at closing sales. Let’s take a look at what separates the best sellers from the rest.

A Latent Aggressive Attitude

An average salesman can get a customer interested in a product. The best salesmen emit a certain vibe or energy that sways the customer to complete the purchase. Some customers really can be persuaded by a salesman who brings his own unique energy and hunger. Customers pick up on subtleties like mood, tone and energy. If they detect that the salesman has a quiet demeanor or a disinterested attitude, they’ll move on without the help of the business’s staff.  The best salesmen go out of their way to prevent customers from becoming disengaged.


One of the best selling techniques to complete a sale is to empathize with the customer. If a salesman can show that he identifies with the customer’s need or desire, he’ll show that he is going to help the customer find the product that is right for him. This engages the customer and builds an important rapport. Engaged customers tend to trust sales associates and they become that much more inclined to make a purchase.

A Dialogue Not A Monologue

The most successful sales associates understand that customer interactions are all about exchanging information. While it is necessary to describe products and services, it is the customer who should be the focal point of the interaction. His desires should dictate how the employee responds.

Assumptive Questions

As a salesman is closing in on a sale, he should resort to assumptive questions to help sway the customer. He can ask questions like “Can we use the same size as your last order with us?”. These types of suggestive questions help to round out sale from the customer’s perspective. It creates a bridge between the dialogue portion of the sales process and the actual payment.

Turn Negatives Into Positives

Successful salesmen understand that difficult customers who question or criticize the business or its brands can prove to be an opportunity in disguise.  Some customers raise genuine concerns when considering products and it is the sales representative’s job to quell those concerns with hard data and then suggest why the product will be so useful. A salesman who is educated about inventory will have the means to put out any “fires” that customers spark.

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