Enabling Mobile Salespeople

Proper training of salespeople can play a key role in your organization’s success. If the sales staff is not properly trained to do their jobs, it can negatively impact sales, and send employee morale down the drain. When you are responsible for a team of on-the-go reps, giving them the training they need can feel impossible. Mobile training software can change the way salespeople and other mobile workers receive training in the most delightful way.

Oh, the Possibilities

Enabling your employees with mobile learning capabilities eliminates the urgency to do in-house training. There are no limits to when and where workers can consume your training materials, so scheduling conflicts never happen. Employers who are already on board with mobile training enjoy it because it is:

  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Engaging
  • Trackable

Your employees can be standing in line at the local deli, sitting at the park or lying on an island off the coast somewhere. Workers can access their materials at will. They can schedule their training in large blocks of time, or carve out small chunks over the course of several days. One thing’s for certain, they will never have to sit through another boring workshop feigning alertness.

Mobile technology is multimedia-ready, so there is no limit to the type of training the software can deliver. The visual, audio and video capabilities mean your salespeople never have to crack open a lifeless manual or book to improve their job-based knowledge. Employees retain information better because they are more engaged, and more motivated to learn.

Two Way Street

As a manager, you want to make sure your salespeople are taking their training seriously. No matter how fun or well-crafted mobile training materials are, you will always have slackers – those handful of individuals who will skimp on training if they think no one is watching them.

Mobile training software is ideal in that it allows you to track each worker’s training progress via log-in/out time stamps, quizzes and other interactive materials. You’ll know when your workers logged-in and whether they completed each lesson.

Enabling salespeople with mobile training can empower them to get the education they need to deliver exceptional customer service and close deals. The technology is engaging and workers can access the training materials whenever they want. In the end, customers are happy, employees feel empowered, and productivity skyrockets.

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