Does Your Sales Team Know About Product Changes and Updates?

When your company updates or changes a product, your salespeople need to know about it. Otherwise, sales team productivity will fall as they struggle to answer questions and offer up-to-date facts about your merchandise. The problem is that American businesses provide less than four out of 10 representatives with new product sales training, according to the Association for Talent Development. Even fewer employees learn about new editions of existing goods, so it’s vital to improve sales team training in this area.

An Example

Perhaps your firm sells a mid-priced stereo system. The manufacturer just decided to add an input jack to its back panel. This is important to the customer; instead of only listening to the built-in radio and CD player, people can now use it to amplify almost any audio device. However, busy sales personnel may not notice this improvement or recognize its full potential. They might not be sure what type of audio cable customers need to attach MP3 players, computers or tape decks.

There are many other situations that call for sales team updates:

  • New system requirements for software
  • Increased wattage on a microwave oven
  • More optional features on a vehicle

Some business managers question the value of training sales staff.

Don’t shoppers research things on the Internet and know what they’re looking for? Although it’s easier to find product information than it was in the past, CNBC reports that over half of retail customers need assistance from salespeople. Buyers don’t always have the time or expertise to research products on their own.

Furthermore, a University of Pennsylvania study found that training your sales team can boost revenue by at least seven-tenths.


Customers clearly want to discuss their purchases with knowledgeable salespeople. If your company just trains staff members when they start working or completely new merchandise is introduced, people might only know about features a product had three years ago. It’s crucial to find effective ways of keeping employees up to date. Posting a black-and-white spec sheet on the bulletin board probably won’t cut it either. Interesting games and multimedia presentations can create a more memorable experience.

Lessonly’s affordable training tools help keep salespeople on the same page as product marketing and management teams. With our easy-to-use sales enablement software, creating training materials is no more difficult than sending an email. We also make it simple to distribute this content, even if your employees don’t work in the same building or geographic area. Our tracking system helps you find out if certain salespeople need further product education. To sum it up, we offer a comprehensive training solution that doesn’t require lots of training to use.

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