Cheat Sheet: Building Great Sales Enablement Lessons

Many of our clients use Lessonly for sales-enablement training. If you’re looking to strengthen your training in this area, here are a few topics to help you get started!

Company Overview

Culture is the lifeblood of a company. Tell us about yours. What do we wear, how do we act, and what do we avoid as a part of this team? Now is the time to over-communicate your principles.

Product/Service Offerings

Tell us about the things you sell, and how you sell them.

Share competitive intel, like who you compete with, how you talk about your competition, and how you out-perform, out-price, out-smart, or out-simple them.

Target Personas & Use Cases

Provide demographic and psychographic background on the types of people who are representative of your best clients. What titles do they tend to have, when do they set their budgets, what do they read, and, most importantly, what do they care about.

When people buy from you, what problems are they trying to solve? Tell us stories about clients who represent your personas and have seen success.

If you demonstrate how you solved a problem for somebody like me, I will believe you can do the same for me.


How does your pricing work: do you charge per user, per installation, per unit? Are discounts allowed? If so, when, and how low can we go? Also, how long do most folks tend to pay us? Is it a one-time thing, an annual agreement, or a rolling month-to-month contract?

Funnel Overview

A sales funnel is usually represented like a this:

Every company’s funnel has its own processes, nuances, and naming conventions. Fill us in on all of the above.

Sales Management Tools

How do I know which leads are assigned to me? What CRM do we use, and how exactly are we expected to use it? When I log a call, do I do it like this, or like that? Are we doing any marketing automation? Who’s in charge of that process, and how are they currently carrying out their duties?

I hope these prompts put you on a path toward awesome sales-enablement training!

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