The Show Must Go On: What a Trapeze Artist Taught Us About Getting Back on the Ladder and Practicing Relentlessly

That’s the key to my success—all the repetitions.” —Kate Redmon

Confession time. I used to have a pretty strict “Movies shouldn’t have singing in them unless they’re animated” rule, but when I first saw The Greatest Showman back in 2018, I put that rule in the trash where it belongs. I watched it a half a dozen times the month it came out and listened to the soundtrack non-stop. I don’t know if it’s the music, the costumes, the animals, the atmosphere, the colors, or the sheer talent of the performers, but something about the environment of a circus filled me with awe.

I’m realizing now that I was captivated for this reason: Circus performers do outrageous things (like seriously, insane things) and make them look effortless and easy. Even though they’re most certainly not. The secret to pulling that off? According to this week’s guest and circus guru on the Practice First podcast, it’s—you guessed it—practice.

Our Conversation with Kate

Ben and Conner interviewed and learned from Kate Redmon, a circus performer and trapeze artist who’s traveled the world performing with various companies and circuses. Get out your biggest tent, grab some popcorn, and get ready to learn from Kate, my friends! 

Kate fell in love with circus performance and flying through the air when she was just a kid, and she hasn’t stopped loving it since. She’s currently part of The Flying Tuniziani crew, and travels the world (pre-pandemic!) bringing light and life to people through tricks and flips and jumps in the air. Check out this video of their touring adventures from earlier this year for proof!

Kate’s episode is for you if you’re looking to learn…

💪 How repetition and visualization are essential to building the confidence to perform

😅 Why falling isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is

🔗 Why building trust and having perspective helps avoid friction

📱 How she benefits from the instant feedback of technology and uses it to rapidly improve

(You can listen right here or on your favorite podcast app—simply search Practice First!)

Closing the Curtain

Here’s the bottom line of Kate’s episode and her insights on practice: Being up on a trapeze is high-pressure and it takes high-performance, but with practice, fear fades and magic happens. While the closest you get to swinging from a trapeze in your job may be swinging from your inbox over to a Google doc, there’s a ton to learn about practice and continuous improvement when you look through the lens of the circus.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as our hosts enjoyed chatting with Kate!

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