3 Ways HelloFresh Is Keeping Remote Work Fresh On Their Team

If you’re looking for someone who brings brightness to the room, let us introduce you to Liz McLees! Her name is fun to say, and she is even more fun to talk to. Liz works at HelloFresh, a delicious fresh meal kit delivery service, and she took some time to talk with our llama, Karlie, to share how her team is using Lessonly to pivot into the new world of remote work. Let’s check out the main takeaways of their conversation! 

1. Align on the basics.

A key ingredient to successful remote work is alignment, especially for new hires. Liz has been spending her time training and enabling 300+ people with Lessonly to set up their emails, effectively leverage Slack, schedule Google Calendar invites, and arrange Zoom calls in this season of remote work because she knows that her trainees can’t thrive in their roles without having those basics down.

2. Sprinkle fun into your lessons.

Social interaction looks different these days. We’re not building relationships in person right now, so nurturing them virtually is even more important. Making your training feel human and real is so needed right now. For example, for you gif and meme lovers out there, leverage them in your learning material! We’re convinced a belly laugh is what turns good lessons into great ones. An example Liz gave in her interview that she’s been using is asking random, light-hearted questions in the middle of her lessons like, “What socks are you wearing today?” or “So, what’s for dinner?” just to keep the human element of her training alive, even if it’s all virtual!

3. Make lemonade like it’s your job.

We’ve got a whole lotta lemons in our world right now, folks. But this season is an opportunity to make gallons and gallons of lemonade by helping each other and looking for silver linings. Training professionals innately love learning, so Liz challenges all of us to embrace what’s happening in our workplaces as learning opportunities that’ll allow teams across the globe to pivot, modify strategies, and stretch different professional muscles. She was also quick to point out that life won’t look like this forever, and there’s a lot of hope in that truth, too. 

Closing Thoughts

Liz and her teammates at HelloFresh are, like most of us, new to the world of fully remote work. But with an online training tool like Lessonly, an emphasis on alignment, and a dedication to making learning more human and fun, even if it’s all digital, is essential. We’re thankful for customers like Liz who so wonderfully model what it means to do better remote work!

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