Lessonly + Obie: A *Dam* Good Partnership & Acquisition

A beaver and a llama walked into a bar. The beaver said to the llama, “Wood you believe it if I told you that we’d make a great team?” The llama smiled. “Alpaca several bags of money and send them right to Canada.” The rest is history.

Friends, that’s an extremely loose adaptation of what just happened between Lessonly and Obie, but nonetheless, we hope it made you smile. 

Without further ado, here’s the deal: Lessonly acquired Obie (and their sweet beaver mascot, hence the title). From here on out, Obie will be called Lessonly Knowledge. 🎉

Let’s hear right from Lessonly and Obie’s founders why it was clear that now was the time for our partnership to begin.

What is Obie?

Obie is a knowledge software company based in Canada. From here on out, we’re going to call this solution “Lessonly Knowledge.” The software gives people the ability to find information and answers they need at work—no matter where that information lives across apps like Lessonly, Slack, Google Drive, and Zendesk—in just a few seconds. Truly, this new partnership is the biggest Lessonly news that we’ve ever had. Let’s cover some details around why Lessonly acquired Obie, and what you can expect going forward as a Lessonly Knowledge customer, prospect, or fan.

Why did Lessonly acquire Obie?

🤝 Hybrid work exposed the need for enablement tools that work well together.

Training a frontline team—especially a hybrid or fully remote one—is no small feat. A consistent struggle in the training, coaching, and enablement space is that the tech stack feels more complicated than truly helpful. And we get it: It’s hard to keep everything consistent, up-to-date, and engaging for teammates who are trying to onboard and continuously learn in their roles when they’re not physically together. Because the future of work is hybrid and remote, teams need one source of truth, and documented/written content is simple to find with Lessonly Knowledge.

🌝 Lessonly + Obie is “a giant leap towards creating one source of truth.”

Chris, the founder of Obie who you met earlier, said this himself. People crave one source of truth at work. With Lessonly Knowledge, teams can truly unlock the investment in the tools they already have to enable faster support across their entire organization. Lessonly is training, coaching, and enablement software where certifications, learning paths, lessons, practice scenarios, and more all live. There is so much content to be stored and searched for. Together, Lessonly + Obie create a simple, yet extremely robust enablement solution.

⚖️ Lessonly wanted to diversify. Obie wanted to scale up. 

We met at the right place, at the right time. Lessonly was ready to become the enablement suite of choice for frontline teams, and the only missing piece was a knowledge product. Enter Obie. From Obie’s side of the deal, they were looking for a way to better support their growing customer base. Partnering up just made sense.

💛 When Obie + Lessonly heard each other’s visions, it was too strong of a match to ignore.

Obie’s mission is to help companies organize their knowledge and make it universally accessible and useful. Our mission is to help teams do better work so they live better lives. We care about our customers. We care about people feeling equipped to be great at their jobs. The goals of both Lessonly and Obie were freakishly aligned. This partnership just feels right.

Wrapping Up

More information will be coming in the next several months about this addition of Lessonly Knowledge, but for now, we’re just going to celebrate like it’s our job. Into the next season of work we go! (P.S. If you’re reading this and wanting a tool like Lessonly Knowledge in your tech stack, email chris.buttenham@lessonly.com.)

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