Consistent, Compassionate Messaging Made Simple: Introducing Lessonly Conversations

Welcome to our April product update! This month’s update includes a new feature that we’re absolutely wild about. We think you’ll like it, too.

We’ve been looking forward to this month’s product update since last year. Why? Because we’re convinced this new feature will be game-changing for frontline managers. Now, teams with On-Demand Practice can put their training to the test with ease by practicing how they converse with customers and prospects, applying what they’ve learned in real-time, and refining their messaging tactics along the way—all right in Lessonly. 

So long story short, we’re on the edge of our seats about this one, folks. Without further adieu, welcome to Lessonly Conversations!

Here to walk you through how it works are Bryan Naas, our Director of Sales and Enablement.

Why did we build Lessonly Conversations?

Teams need empathy, connection, and enablement now more than ever, and the Conversations feature simplifies all three. Prior to Conversations, our Practice offering gave learners the ability to practice responding to a single prompt. Typically, these prompts look something like, “Respond to X customer/prospect who says X.” This was a great place to start, but not a great place to stay. That’s why we built Conversations. Now there’s a simple way to simulate the real-time flow of interactions your team has with customers and prospects, so they can practice full conversations in the safety of Lessonly. In case you couldn’t tell, we’re completely pumped about this feature.

How does the feature work?

Now, team leaders can create multi-step Conversations in On-Demand Practice to see how their teams apply what they’ve learned to their chat and phone conversations. They get to practice how they’d respond to your most common conversational interactions in the safety of On-Demand Practice so when it’s show time with real customers or prospects, everyone is aligned and able to thrive. 

How will Lessonly Conversations help my team?

Every feature we create at Lessonly starts with the feedback we receive from actual Lessonly users. We listen to what you’d love to see in our platform, where we could provide value, and then we build solutions. The Conversations feature was no exception to this rule. Here are the two primary value-adds Conversations can bring to your team:

1. Deliver Consistent Messaging

With Conversations, teams have next-level alignment in their messaging. When leaders replicate the most common phone and chat interactions with Conversations, every single team member can walk through those Conversations learning and practicing along the way what best-in-class responses look like. 

This alignment boosts clarity, consistency, and connection across frontline teams to make sure customers and prospects are delivered the same, incredible experience from your frontline teammates.

2. Reveal Training Gaps

Conversations allows leaders to create chat paths for their learners to walk through and select the best responses and answers based on what they’ve learned. It’s the definition of “learning by doing,” but all in the low-risk environment of Lessonly. 

Admins can track each learner’s attempts and interaction success rates on the Conversation overview page to identify trends, address training gaps, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Final Thoughts

We built Conversations to level up how you train your frontline team to be intentional and thoughtful from start to finish in their conversations with your customers and prospects. We hope this feature unlocks the potential of your teammates in new ways so everyone can grow and do Better Work.

If you have questions about Conversations, we’d love to answer them. Check out the knowledge base article on Conversations, shoot an email to your customer experience manager, or reach out to our support team, and we’ll help you out! 


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