It’s Feb-NEW-ary at Lessonly: Introducing Lesson Versions, Practice Awaiting Feedback, and More

It’s the third Tuesday of the month, and you know what that means—we’ve launched brand new features in Lessonly. This month, we’re celebrating four product updates that’ll knock your socks right off! But if you need to put them back on after this email, we definitely understand. 

The product updates today are particularly exciting to us because none of them were our idea. Each of these features stems from customer feedback, which is just the way it should be. If you’re a customer and you’re reading this, know how much we appreciate you. Partnering with you is one of our greatest joys. Alright, enough of us pretending it’s still Valentine’s Day. Let’s get to the updates! 

Here’s what launched in Lessonly today:

1. Lesson Versions

Need to go back and see a prior version of a lesson? Now you can. With this feature, Lessonly Admins can view old versions of each lesson to see what’s changed over time, who published each version, and when they were published. Gone are the days of not knowing how lessons have evolved because now they’re trackable, and it’s simple to see their progression.

2. Practice: Awaiting Feedback

For customers with our Practice product, buckle up because this feature is a game changer. With Practice Feedback, which we launched last month, learners can request and receive feedback from specific individuals within their organizations on their practice attempts. But now, you can even see who’s awaiting your feedback in one easy place right within Lessonly. This feature will equip you to better visualize and manage who’s wanting your input on their practice attempts, so you can respond faster and stay organized. The result? Teams feel supported, feedback loops stay open, and everyone is aligned.

3. Tag Reports

Curious to see how lessons with tags are impacting performance? We’ve got you covered. In Insights, you can now create reports with lesson, learner, and training tags as criteria, so you can compare learning with performance to highlight what’s working, see what’s not, and ultimately gauge the value of each lesson.

4. Streamlined User Management 

Managing your ever-changing team just got simpler. With this user management feature, you can now create, archive, and update users in your SCIM or OneLogin, and it’ll update Lessonly in real-time. Especially for larger enterprises or evolving teams, this feature will save Lessonly admins time and effort so they can spend more time doing Better Work and less time doing tasks that can be automated.

That’s the latest and greatest in Lessonly for this month. If you’d like to learn more about Lessonly or any of the features above, take a tour, chat with us, or contact our support team. If you want to talk, we do, too!

Could Lessonly be your training solution?

We sure think so. With Lessonly’s powerfully simple training software, teams train, practice, and perform like pros because they’re continuously equipped with the tools they need to do Better Work. 

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