How 5 Lessonly Customers Do Better Work

This year, we’ve been exploring the phrase Do Better Work:

  • It’s our company’s mission statement: to help people Do Better Work so they can live better lives.
  • It’s part of our training methodology: the Better Work method.
  • It’s the name of our CEO Max’s new book (coming Winter 2018!)
  • And, it’s a charge to continuous improvement—both internally as a company, and externally for the sake of our customers.

But our favorite part of the Better Work movement is that it’s impacting the work and lives of our customers. So last week, we posed this question to five Lessonly customers:

“What does doing Better Work mean to you?”

Their answers blew us away. Here’s what they said:

Better Work is better sales training

“When you guys rolled out Do Better Work, I didn’t get it. But the more I think about it and the more I look at the way Lessonly is built around that—it makes a lot of sense. We just launched Video Response in Lessonly about 8 weeks ago. I had a rep come to me to talk about a video she had recorded. She said, “I never realized how I looked when I talked.”

That’s a simple thing, right? But she’s taken that experience and now, it’s not just a work thing. She understands how she presents herself when she’s with friends, family, and in public. Doing Better Work isn’t limited to Lessonly. It’s not limited to the work someone does professionally. It transcends a lot of different areas.”

Better Work is enterprise transformation

“I’m a technology guy—not in training or enablement. But one thing we’ve done in our journey that’s been influenced by our relationship and partnership with Lessonly is figuring out how to connect every person in our organization to  sales growth. Now we’re sending our IT organization to the front line and our IT consultants are going out on sales calls and customer visits.

This is something I’ve learned from Lessonly. It’s not about contracts and getting POs out the door. It’s that relationship that we have with people. This is our journey—as a very large company, we can learn so much from a company like Lessonly. How can each of us start small and Do Better Work? It’s about transforming a small part of the organization and connecting every single person to the larger outcome.”

Better Work is passionate customer service agents

“Do Better Work helped me realize how much my company and Lessonly had in common, specifically around psychological safety and developing the whole being of a person—who they are at work and who they are in their personal life.

Our organization has a program where we help employees find their purpose, and now Lessonly has enabled us to offer that program to remote employees. It helps people figure out what they want in life and how that purpose matches with the organization. If that means not being a customer service rep, that’s okay. But when reps find their passion, it makes them a better person—and it makes our company a better place to work.”

Better Work is personal and professional growth

“In a software company, you’re moving so fast. The primary ethic driving any behavior is: ‘Is this making us more efficient?’ Better Work can’t just be moving a product forward or bringing in more money than we’re pushing out. Better Work means things like equipping people to better contribute to society and make their communities better places. For us, Better Work is a very holistic idea.”

Better Work is empowered teammates and higher NPS

“Better Work is a personal idea. When I heard Max (Lessonly’s CEO) talk about psychological safety, we began to use Lessonly to deliver messages about psychological safety and developing strengths at work. Since then, I have seen a transformation in our organization. We’ve seen our employee net promoter score raise tremendously. I know what I’m doing isn’t the only reason, but I’ve seen people become more engaged and more empowered because the work they’re doing is making a difference. That’s allowing people to work better and perform better in the workplace.”

What does Better Work mean to you?

As one of our customers noted, “Doing Better Work isn’t limited to Lessonly.” What inspires us is that each of us—employees, users, and readers like you—get a chance to make Better Work our own. Continuous 1% improvement, played out over weeks and months, leads to radically Better Work and better lives.

So what does doing Better Work mean to 
you? We’d love to hear. Then, let’s make it happen—together.

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