Introducing New Integrations: Streamline Training for Bottom-Line Impact

One of the greatest advantages of software is the ability to build a tech stack. This ability enables completely different pieces of software, related in their use, to work together—creating a better outcome than what could’ve been achieved alone. It’s a unique and cherished facet of our industry.

That’s why, this month, we decided to focus on our partnerships and build two brand new integrations and make improvements to an important one.


Companies use Okta for identity and password management, specifically through single sign-on. When teams need a secure way to connect their people with their tech, they look to Okta. With our integration, Lessonly and Okta customers can sync user data from Okta to Lessonly for items like name, email, department, location, and more. Users can also automatically deactivate and activate in Lessonly based on actions in Okta, allowing teams to easily keep their user information updated in both places.

Bamboo HR

For HR and L&D teams, HRIS software is a vital tool for many processes key to their roles. The employee information kept in these systems is an important source of truth for the company. Beyond the usefulness of tying together training and people data, BambooHR is HR software with heart, and their focus on people resonates extremely well with Lessonly’s culture.

Our integration allows teams to streamline updates to employee information between BambooHR and Lessonly, including items like email, job title, department, supervisor, and division. It also syncs when employees are made inactive to maintain an up-to-date employee list across platforms.


Our integration with the Chrome browser has received an update that now allows teams to link any online content, not just Lessonly content, to a specific URL. Our goal is always to provide employees the ability to obtain every piece of information they need, and we realize not all of that information lives in Lessonly. Whether its a piece of content to share with a prospect or customer, a proposal template, or a useful website, Lessonly customers can now map these items to Lessonly for Chrome.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP)

For those who prefer to make large data changes via spreadsheets, we now offer the capability to work with our tech services team to make regular updates to user data in a secure fashion. We’ll work with your team to identify the needed changes, make sure the data is properly set up, and get that information updated in Lessonly as needed.

Everyone can do better work

This new round of integrations allows our admins and learners to do their jobs more effectively, and we’ll continue to expand this list as we grow. If you’re interested in learning more about Lessonly’s integrations, contact us to schedule a demo.

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