Learning Software? Lessonly is More than That.

Learning Software? Lessonly is More than That.

We are incredibly proud of our software, but when you buy Lessonly you aren’t just getting bits and bytes, you’re beginning a partnership. We won’t hand over the software and then go dark, only to surface when it’s time to renew. Lessonly is a team of learning consultants, ready to share everything we’ve learned across millions of Learner interactions.

Client experience team

Client Experience Managers are the most-loved folks at Lessonly. They walk new customers through the Lessonly implementation process, provide guidance around best practices, and continually work to ensure each customer has everything they need to be successful. You don’t get a better start toward building a successful and engaging learning program than with the Lessonly CX team.

Services team

We understand that some learning program owners are not full-time L&D experts, and the Lessonly Services team is here to provide extra help along the way toward building an effective learning program. They help customers create content, automate Lessonly, run reports, and provide guidance to their teams.

Learning resources

We live and breathe team learning, and we love sharing what we learn along the way. We actively study trends in learning, training, and the modern workplace to provide up-to-date insights relevant to the needs of teams everywhere. We produce blogs, downloadable resources, and Lessons that we regularly share with our customers on how to use Lessonly to make their teams as good as they can be.

Lessonly has helped create thousands of successful learning programs for teams of all sizes. So, as you invest in the success of your team, we’ll be there every step of the journey. You’ll know our names, and we’ll know yours. And together, we will do very special things that software alone cannot replicate.

To read more reasons why Lessonly is built for modern team learning, download our Ebook, 5 Things You Need to Know About Lessonly.

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