Why Lessonly Integrated with Salesforce

At Lessonly, we work with hundreds of sales teams and support teams, and the bulk of them spend their workdays in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, and/or Zendesk. These are the systems of record for the customer-facing teams that power our economy. Yesterday, we integrated with Sales Cloud. In weeks, we will announce our Service Cloud integration. And we are working with the team at Zendesk to solidify the trifecta.

Here’s the reality: Sales and support people start to look at learning software in a whole new way when the knowledge it offers helps them in real time. When your team member has a problem, and Lessonly helps them solve it in their moment of need—that’s where we unlock the most value and drive the greatest gains. This Sales Cloud integration is all about driving more real-time learning.

Imagine Nicole, the salesperson at your company. Nicole wants to win. She signed up to hit her number. With Lessonly for Salesforce, you can teach Nicole what success looks like at every step of your company’s sales funnel. When Nicole hits the Opportunity stage, Lessonly is there to help her manage tough objections. When Nicole hits the Proposal stage, Lessonly is there to help her negotiate a longer contract term in exchange for the discount the prospect needs—the right way, right when she needs it.

As a sales leader, you no longer have a choice regarding whether or not to invest in an LMS for your team. The answer is Yes, whether you choose it or not. Your reps are looking for information, with or without you. You have the opportunity to participate in, and drive that process, or let them wild west their way through it. Your team wants to do great work, and a modern LMS—that enables your best salespeople to share the techniques that lead them to consistent success—is the way to teach them what good work looks like.

Lessonly for Salesforce is your integrated mechanism for delivering learning content in each rep’s moment of need, and then measuring the value of that learning content on your bottom line.

Use our integrated Salesforce reporting to see that Nick is always crushing his quota and reviewing your competitive analysis lessons twice as often as her peers.

We are so excited for the future of team learning. If you are anxious to make any additions to our integration, howdy@lessonly.com is waiting to hear from you!

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