Introducing New Content and People Pages

It’s a big day at Lessonly. We’re excited to roll out brand-new Content and People pages to make the Lessonly experience better for our Admins, Managers, and Creators. With this redesign, you can easily manage your Lessons and Courses from one page and your Learners from the other. Whether you have five Lessons and 50 people, or 50 and 5,000, you can freely navigate your Learning Content and those who benefit from it.


With the new content index, you can quickly find, manage, and edit your Learning Content at scale. We’ll highlight three main areas of the page here including content display, filtering, and metrics. 

Content Display

Content Page - Content Display

Lessons and Courses are listed along with their tags and available actions. Click on the tags to filter your content; share or jump into the editor using the action buttons. Courses also show how many Lessons are included, and you can use our course quick look to view those Lessons and navigate to them.


Course - Content Page


Filtering makes it easy to find the exact Learning Content you need. You can filter to view just Lessons or Courses, by tags, by date, or even by who created it. With Lessonly, you can create as many Lessons and Courses as you need. Using filters and search, no matter how much content you create, you can quickly find it.

06 filtering_animated


Measuring the effectiveness of Learning Content stands at the heart of what we do. Using our Gradebook, you gain deep access to data on the Course, Lesson, and User level. But, we’ve pulled a few important metrics into our content index to give you a high-level view of how employees engage with your content. Compare performance between pieces of Content or double-check completion to make sure your team is hitting their training goals.

05 metrics


We’ve designed the new People page in a similar fashion. Now, you can manage and edit your team easier than before and gain insights about your team’s training progress faster.

03 people_data
View everyone in your organization using Lessonly from the User or Group level. See what role a User holds and what groups they’re currently assigned to. Filter by clicking the Group name or by using the menu to find exactly what you need. See who’s in which Group, check the newest batch of added Learners, view just the Managers, or find which users they manage.
Instead of viewing metrics on the Content level, drill down to see how each individual or Group is faring. Want to quickly see how your Sales team is scoring or who hasn’t been active recently? Just filter and compare.
02 poeple_metrics

This is just the start

We made a few goals going into this redesign. First, it’s our mission to help people do better work so they can lead better lives. To accomplish this, we must make our software easier to use and manage. Second, as your training needs grow, our software grows with you. The new Content and People pages are organized and efficient whether you have 10 users and lessons or 10,000. Finally, this redesign provides a powerful foundation to build upon. This is just a beginning, not the conclusion, and we’re excited about the new features we’ll continue to add to these pages (Hint hint: Sorting and more actions).

Thank you to our clients, partners, and friends who shared their thoughts with us through this process. You make us better every day and we’re grateful to have you make this journey with us. If you have feedback or any questions, please let us know at

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