Lesson and Gradebook Export

Improved Lesson and Gradebook Reports

We’ve already discussed how the Lesson Overview pages are great, but like my mom said, “there’s always room for improvement.” Lesson Overview pages now offer in-depth reports full of data for admins looking to gauge performance.

Export Report

For all lessons with questions, Lesson.ly admins can now generate Excel files that feature a statistical overview of the lesson’s progress. Data is pulled from assigned lessons and the Learning Library. Once downloaded, these reports play much nicer with Google Sheets if Microsoft isn’t your thing.

In addition, Gradebook reports now actually look like the Gradebook in Lesson.ly. These too are now exported as an Excel file, making integration of data into other systems much easier. Filter and sort these reports until you find all the information you need.

If you have any questions about these new reports, contact us at support@lesson.ly.

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