Lessonly API Update

We’ve just updated our API with a couple changes aimed at improving its lesson organization and reporting capabilities. Each of these updates came as a result of your much appreciated feedback, so please keep it coming.

Individual Reporting and Assigning

Individual lessons and entire courses can now be assigned to a single learner’s account through the API, as opposed to assigning each lesson within a course one-by-one. Reporting for lesson and course assignments on the individual learner level has also been upgraded. The API will now track an individual’s lessons or courses across their entire account, giving grades and progress tied to a single learner.

Introduction of Tags

You can now generate a list of lessons or courses that have a specific tag through the API. For example, lessons that have been tagged “Marketing” or “Sales” can now be quickly pulled to provide more in-depth reporting about how those specific lessons are performing.

Upcoming Improvements

In addition to the above changes, we will be making two more over the next few weeks. The first will provide more information about lessons, such as whether or not a lesson is shared. The second will add the ability to update lesson settings from the API, such as the lesson’s retake score.

Interested in implementing Lessonly’s API in your office? Drop us a line at support@lessonly.com and we’ll help you get started.

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