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Learning Automation Made Easy With Scheduled Assignments

I know it seems like just last week when we brought you an updated look to the Lessonly software, but we’ve got another addition to our game-changing learning automation offering that we know you’re going to love. We like to call it scheduled assignments. Creating a comprehensive, automated learning experience with lessons that will actually stick in your team member’s minds is now so much easier. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Scheduled Assignments Menu Options

Assign Tomorrow’s Lessons, Today

At Lessonly, we’re working toward making learning truly automated and scheduled assignments is our next major step in that direction. We’ve heard feedback from some of our most active trainers who know well in advance when lesson assignments need to hit inboxes, but also want the assignment itself created on a future date. By bringing scheduled assignments into the mix, administrators can create lessons for individuals or teams, assign a creation date, and a due date that are days, weeks, or even months in advance. We’ve seen this not only improves knowledge retention by offering repetition, but it also decreases the chance that lessons never even get assigned because they fell through the cracks.

Scheduled Assignments Recurring Options

Set Recurring Dates for Important Lessons

Once these lessons have been assigned to individuals or entire teams, admins can set recurring due dates for the most important details. If your industry requires compliance training and certification on any kind of regular schedule, this is where you get excited. Recurring lessons can be the perfect way to remind your employees, and yourself, that your Information Security Certification is close to expiring and needs renewed. We’ve also seen that recurring assignments can be great vehicles for teams to provide monthly, quarterly, or annual feedback to management. Short surveys can be assigned to be sent out to the company around a certain time so team leaders can reflect and make changes in an efficient and timely manner.

Easily Change Your Schedule or Your Learner’s

To help you keep track of all these lessons and assignments you have queued up until the end of time, we’ve included a scheduled assignments queue. Consider this your dashboard for all info you need to know about your scheduled assignments. You can see the scheduled lessons you have currently assigned, who created the assignment, which lesson it is, and how often the lesson needs to be completed. And of course, all of these variables can be changed by the administrator to ensure your company’s learning is going in the right direction. This page will make for easy changes and edits to any lesson that isn’t quite hitting the mark.

Scheduled assignments and automation are available to our Lessonly customers in the Growth level. If you’re as excited about these new features as we are, contact us and we talk about enabling these features for your account.

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