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Why Companies Shift to Online Training Software

As screens sizes grow and our attention spans shrink, the need for training isn’t going anywhere. But, it’s becoming harder to pull people away from their desks and into a classroom to give them an update on a product, industry, policy, or process.

So, how do we combat the shrinking attention span, the overflowing to-do list, and the variety of schedules? Online training software. Elearning gives you the ability to easily build lessons, track your learners to see if you forgot some knowledge-bombs, update a lesson in a snap, and save the trees at the same time. The fact is, online training software is becoming more efficient and effective.


Some online training software programs require lessons to even be able to build a single section of a lesson. How ironic. “Some,” thankfully does not include ours. With Lessonly, you can build beautiful lessons with just a few clicks and keystrokes. Don’t believe me? Well, we’re trying to get on Ripley’s Believe It or Not with how easy it is, so wait for that airdate.

Build engaging lessons by easily inserting images, documents, audio, and videos into your lessons. A good learning management system even works on all devices, allowing your learners to take lessons at their convenience. You can collaborate while building lessons by giving any person the ability to create lessons.


The problem with lecturing and presenting as a form of training is the incapacity to track your learners. You leave the meeting with no clue how much they understood or without the ability to gain feedback from them. With online training software, you can easily see how your learners are doing across hiring classes or even across different subjects.

Our elearning software allows you to see how your company is learning down to the percentage. Use the progress reports to see data and analytics to how all your learners are scoring on their lessons. Each learner receives individualized reports showing their progress, lessons completed, scores and assignments due. This allows individuals to manage their progress as well as the managers.


Updating a lesson due to a typo, a change, or even just trying to include additional information takes several parties to accomplish in a traditional LMS. With Lessonly, you can easily update lessons and reassign them to your learners. You no longer have to send multiple emails to try to change your to you’re, a 15% to 20%, or offer another negotiation tip to your sales employees.

You can easily just go to a lesson page, click on edit and dive into your lesson before sending it out to your learners.


Think of the trees. When you make the switch to online training software, you no longer have to lock your intern in with the printer and copier the day before your new hires arrive. When your training is all online, it’s all in one place. Behind us are the days spent scuffling and shuffling through papers to get them organized. Your new employees can even start taking lessons before they even set foot in the office.

Want to start joining the online training software movement? Take a tour of Lessonly here.

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