Announcing the Everyone Smart Group

In the past, if you wanted to assign to every person in your account at the same time, it was on you to ensure that you had an All or Everyone group. Today, we’ve made your life simpler by launching our first Smart Group. It’s called Everyone, and it is constantly up to date with all the people in your account, whether they were added three years ago or three minutes ago.

To take advantage of it, just type Everyone in the assignment modal where it says “Who should be assigned?” next time you want to assign something to everybody.

You can’t delete or edit this group, but you sure can enjoy it, and we hope you do! We are considering adding more Smart Groups and possibly a Smart Group builder in the future, so you can do things like ensure that everyone with an email address gets put in your Partners of Wile E. Coyote Smart Group.

Thanks for being awesome clients.

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