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Gradebook: New Design, Filter by Date, Faster

The gradebook is a vital part of Lessonly and you likely spend a lot of time looking at it. We wanted to make it prettier, add a new feature, and make it faster. It’s like we upgraded our old diesel to a new Tesla.

New design

The gradebook has been around for a while, but so had its design. Once we unveiled the new style for our site, we figured we should do it for the gradebook too. One noticeable change to the new gradebook design is a collapsible sidebar, making it much easier to view many lessons and courses at one time without as much scrolling.

Filter by date

Since we were updating the style, why not put a little more filtering power in your hands at the same time? You can now filter your team’s lessons by completion date. If you’ve ever wanted to compare how users who have completed a lesson in the past 30 days compare to those users who completed it before then, now you can!

To filter by date, go to the “Date Completed” section on the left side and select the timeline you wish to see.


Shift into high gear, the gradebook is now 50% faster in some cases. Wow. Fortunately, you don’t have to practice your speed-reading, you can now just reach the pinnacle of grade data a little faster. It’s like we attached a few rockets to a cheetah.

Do you have questions about the new gradebook? Let us know in the comments or reach out to

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