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New Feature: Per-Lesson Passing Scores

The global retake score has been around for awhile. But it felt like a pillow that needed a good karate chop, so we decided to fluff it up with our latest release.

Say you require learners to get an eighty percent in order to pass Salesforce 101, but you require a perfect score for Information Security — with our revamped passing-score feature, you can now adjust passing scores at the lesson level.

Just head to any lesson-overview page to dial in your ideal retake score:

Lesson Overview Page

What happens when a learner fails?

If your learner fails to pass your lesson, they will see this notification, featuring an overview of which questions they missed (minus the corresponding correct answers); the lesson will be automatically reassigned as due in 48 hours.


The learner will not see their report card with their correct and incorrect answers until they pass the lesson.

Tip: In the future, if you decide later to turn off the pass/fail setting, just set the “Retake Score” number to 0.

Another Tip: You can still set the default retake score at the company level; just go to the cog icon and click Company Settings:

Company Settings

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