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Bulk Assignments

If you’ve ever spent an hour updating due dates on lessons for 50 users individually, you understand how tedious a process updating due dates, unassigning, or reassigning training content could be back in the old days. With bulk assignment actions, you no longer have to update individual lessons or courses individually, you can conquer these tasks in bulk.

Updating due dates

Say you assigned all of your team a lesson without a due date. Don’t panic. Instead, go to the overview page, select your incomplete assignments, and then select the assignments which you want to change the due date or select all. Once you have finished selecting, you can select “Set due date,” to, well, change or set the due date.


If you assigned last week’s refresher lesson by mistake, you can now unassign it from your team quickly. By accessing the lesson overview page and going to your incomplete assignments, you can see the assignments and select the ones you wish to unassign. When you select “Unassign,” you remove the lessons from the users’ agendas.


Last scenario – let’s say you have a lesson that a group of users took 6 months ago, but you made a few updates and want them all to take it again. Simply select all the completed lessons from users you want to have retake it, and select “Reassign” with the due date you’d like.

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