Updated API

In late May, we introduced the first version of our API. Its primary function to create users and update information was a great start. Now, we’ve expanded on that and added automation for a couple of additional processes. Using our API, you can now get reporting data as well as assign lessons to users.

Reporting data

If you have a data tracking system already in place, you can now import completed lesson and course data from all of your users. Think of all the charts you can make in your data visualization software for all of your teams taking lessons.

Assign lessons

Many companies may have to add users in two or three different systems before they are up to speed on all of them. You can take Lessonly off that list. By connecting your HRIS to Lessonly, your users will automatically be added, which could even trigger their first few lessons to be assigned as well. Set an easy transition for you and your employees with our API.

If you’re interested in learning more about this update to our API, please reach out to support@lessonly.com, and we’ll be happy to help you along the way!

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