PDF Exports

Breaking news: You can now export your lessons into .pdf files. Some of you may be already thrilled. If not, prepare to be. Read on to discover new ways to use your Lessonly lessons.

1. Share

With a pdf export, you’ll be able to share with individuals who don’t have a Lessonly account yet. You could run your creation by a manager for review or approval. Consider showing it to other departments to share your interdepartmental knowledge. A pdf export will be a great way for others to take notes on the hard copy to show you how to improve. For example, running a lesson by the VP of Customer Service before you teach your team about etiquette could result in some new better insights.

2. Provide a takeaway

After your employees take a lesson, you’ll be able to give them a hard copy for quick offline reference. With their new reference, they’ll be able to take personalized notes and emphasize what is important or hard to remember for them. For example, when answering a call regarding a specific policy, you can quickly flip through the lesson on policies instead of forwarding the call to someone else. It’s easy to confuse 30 days and 60 days or 10% and 15%. With a handout nearby, your employees can reference until they know it by heart.

3. Classroom handout

In a classroom setting, you’ll be able to walk through a lesson with your employees. You can go through the sections and facilitate a discussion about the lesson to see what employees picked up on, and what they may have glanced over. This discussion would be beneficial to you as a lesson builder as well to see what may need more emphasis or to see what new ideas your team presents.

4. In case of emergency, break glass

As much as we hate to think about it, imagine if your Wi-Fi went out. After the initial scream, I hope you can continue reading. With pdf exports, you can keep copies of lessons in a glass box on the wall and when the power is out or the internet fiber is frayed, you can keep training by the windows or even candlelight.

As always – if you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear it at support@lessonly.com.

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