3 App Improvements: Then and Now

We’ve made a few updates recently to our application that may be small in terms of changes, but pack a big punch in terms of improving usability.

1. Make Reassigning More Clear

Before, it was a little unclear how you could go about reassigning lessons, but now with our new table view, the ‘reassign’ option is much clearer (as is many other pieces of data)!

2. Clarify Question(s) Missed for Failed Attempts

We’ve now made it easier for lesson takers to be able to see which questions they missed if they scored below your company’s minimum passing score. Previously, a person would be able to tell that they did not pass, but did not know which questions they missed (don’t worry though… they still won’t be able to see what the correct answer is before retaking).

3. Easier Question Creation Process

We’ve now made it a little easier for you to know what types of questions you can create using Lessonly. This is the start of several new changes you’ll see with question functionality coming out over the next month!

As always – if you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear it at support@lessonly.com!

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