Announcing Lessonly Roles

TL;DR: Lessonly now has four user roles for you to choose from Admin, Manager, Creator, and Learner. This is a big upgrade from the early days (i.e., last week) when our software supported just two user roles: Admin and Learner.

Legacy Roles Refresher

Admins can build, share, and track all the lessons and courses that exist in their account.

Learners can receive, take, and review assignments.

Limiting the app to just this dichotomy worked for a while, but eventually showed its warts.

Why We Added Creator and Manager Roles


Let’s say you want to make Jane the Genius an admin so she can build lessons that teach her colleagues how to be geniuses, too.
With the old system, this was possible, but messy, as Jane’s Admin access came with unnecessary baggage: she could see all the Gradebook data for the rest of the company, and that information isn’t really any of her business.

Not ideal, right?

So, we fixed this with the Creator role. Creators can build lessons, but cannot assign or track them. They can share their lesson ownership with Managers or Admins, who can then handle the assigning and tracking.


There were other times when our clients wanted to give Mary the Manager insight into her team’s performance across lessons and courses, but they couldn’t do so without showing Mary the learning outcomes from all the other teams.

Again, not ideal.

So, we fixed this with the Manager role. Managers can build, assign, and track learning materials for specific groups only.

Updating Roles for Current Users

As an Admin (and only as an Admin), you can update your existing users’ roles via the People tab, like so:
Change Roles

Sharing Ownership
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