New Text Editor for Easier Lesson Building

What’s up, Grade?

Was going for a joke there; ended up failing.

Anyhow, next time you click the Add New Text button when creating or editing a lesson, you will find a new interface staring back at you: it’s our new text editor:


She’s a beaut, huh?

When comparing to the old interface, our new editor is better in all the ways:

  • Copying and pasting rich text just works better.
  • That same text is easier to style.
  • Numbered lists and ordered lists aren’t nearly as fussy.
  • You can even start a numbered list and have bullets nested below it, like this:


New functionality


See that table icon next to the link icon? It does what you think it does. Thanks to our clients for the feedback, as it helped push this one forward.


Apart from being easier to add and edit, you can now give your links alt text.


With the old editor, blockquoting and indentation were inseparable (sorry about that!). Now, to avoid confusion, these separate functions have their own buttons.

To reveal nested formatting options, just click the paragraph button:



That about sums her up. Enjoy!

…and as always, please keep the feedback coming. We really appreciate it as we strive to be the easiest training software on the planet.

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