How Uber for Business Refines Employee Skills with Lessonly’s Newest Product

Uber for Business brings the best of Uber’s innovations and solutions to organizations of all sizes. The global platform, which is used in 60+ countries and 10,000 cities, transforms how companies manage rides, meals, and delivery for their employees and customers.

As a rapidly growing company, Uber for Business needs to ensure its sales team has access to the best training possible. So when we developed our newest product, Lessonly Skills, they were interested in seeing how it could help them better understand how training is applied across the organization and track how reps’ skills progress over time.

Connecting Skills with Business Results

Before Lessonly Skills, Uber for Business measured and tracked skill development through feedback from its leadership and sales teams. “In addition to direct feedback, we decided we wanted to track the impact on our KPIs,” explains Kaila Crowley, Global Head of Sales Enablement at Uber for Business. “For example, if we were trying to increase the sales of a certain product, we wanted to tie training back to the results—in this case, more opportunities that are created for that specific product.”

Now, Lessonly Skills enables the team to assess certain skills to see if they’re being leveraged and used within the organization once training is completed. To do this, Uber for Business first identified a number of specific skills that they want to track and measure. And now, they ask sales managers, reps, and account managers to complete a self-evaluation for each skill. After the self-evaluations are completed, managers also evaluate their reps’ skill levels from their perspectives. If they identify any skills that are lower on the scale than they need to be, managers create and trigger coaching plans that address that rep’s skill gap. This also makes it easier to identify training materials that someone needs to review if they are struggling with a certain skill.

A One-Stop-Shop for All Things Training

When the Uber for Business team started using Lessonly Skills, they found the tool to be just as user-friendly as Lessonly’s other products. “From a usability perspective, it’s in line with how easy it is to use Lessonly as a whole,” shared Mark Vega who serves as an Instructional Design Lead at Uber for Business. “One of the things we love about Lessonly is how easy it is to use. It’s intuitive, and we were able to quickly figure it out,” added Kaila. 

The Uber for Business team especially loves that Lessonly Skills consolidates information all in one place. Instead of using multiple spreadsheets, data sources, and Google forms for tracking, they can now store and access everything with Lessonly. “It’s a great way to visualize performance over time,” explained Sheila. “Eventually it can help us see if the coaching we’re doing is actually working and making an impact on that specific skill. And that gives us the opportunity to improve our enablement programs and our business results.”

Uber for Business has also received a ton of great feedback from its learners. In fact, Sheila shared how it’s an interesting and engaging way for reps to track their progress, hold themselves accountable, and get better in their roles. 

Lessonly Skills enables organizations like Uber for Business to get more insights and information around the effectiveness of their training and enablement efforts. “I think Lessonly Skills could help us tell a more powerful story of how training is impacting our KPIs and if reps are integrating what they’ve learned into conversations with customers after they complete training,” Kaila concluded.

Take your Team’s Skills to the Next Level with Lessonly

Teams like Uber for Business use Lessonly Skills to understand reps’ skill levels, uncover opportunities for coaching, and easily build personalized coaching plans to track progress. This is personalized coaching at scale made easier than ever. Learn more about Skills here.

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