Client Highlight: LumenCache Redefines Home Lighting, Scales with Lessonly

LumenCache’s approach to home electrical systems is old school and new school—all at once.

The old-school part comes from its adherence to direct-current power distribution, which was popularized by Thomas Edison prior to the rise of of alternating-current power distribution.

It’s new-school in the fact that it allows entire homes to be wired for lighting safely and easily.

When I say safely, I mean you can literally gnaw on the wires that run throughout a LumenCache-lit house without heat or sparks ruining your meal. I’m not saying they wires will be tasty, but you can do it, and anytime we can smartly reduce fire risks, we probably should.

When I say easily, I mean that laypeople who are not electricians can literally rewire entire houses by simply unplugging and re-plugging ethernet cables into slots on a centralized LumenCache motherboard.

The whole thing is downright fascinating to witness, which is exactly what I was able to do when I first met Derek Cowburn, CEO of LumenCache and inventor of its technology. After getting a demo of LumenCache, Derek and I got to talk about Lessonly, and he expressed interest.

You see, before we met, Derek had been training his service-people via in-person training and informal phone calls that tended to start with questions like, “What do I do when I get to this part of the process?”

Turns out, Derek and his team were drowning under the weight of educating and training all of their field partners. Fortunately, Lessonly was the perfect tool for the LumenCache team to scale more efficiently and effectively.

To date, Derek has lessons on all sorts of topics. He uses Lessonly to educate and certify his distributed team of installation experts on how to represent LumenCache, install its technology, and manage it.

Thanks to the LumenCache team for coming on board. We’re glad you guys are here and are excited to help you grow!

If you would like to explore Lessonly for your company’s training needs, drop us a line here.

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