Client Highlight: Millennial Services

Millennial Services is a provider of outsourced, U.S.-based customer-support specialists, giving businesses the opportunity to pay per-request rates for rockstar customer service.

The Problem

When Millennial takes on a new project, this could mean that teams of up to 40 people need to transition from knowing absolutely nothing about a situation to being as knowledgeable as the client. Oh, and this needs to happen as fast as possible so that the work can begin and fees can be earned.

To get its support specialists up-to-speed on client policies and protocols, Millennial Services initially relied on a one-on-one training regimen. As Millennial’s client-base continued to grow, this approach began to show its warts.

“The way we were executing training and onboarding simply did not scale,” says Logan Rush, founder of Millennial Services. “We were spending too much time, money, and effort getting each support specialist the information they needed.”

Millennial needed a way to efficiently train its growing and distributed workforce of support specialists without sacrificing the quality of its one-on-one approach.

The Solution

In Lessonly, Millennial found its solution. Using Lessonly’s authoring tool, Millennial can now build lessons that cover each of its clients’ varying needs, policies, and protocols. This part is crucial for the team because it is the content within the lessons that makes the difference.

When one-on-one training was the only weapon, each training session included repeatable, easily digestible information. This information is rarely processed well enough in training sessions to generate rich discussion. With Lessonly, this easy-to-understand, but vital, information is shared by assigning the lesson to a list of active users or with a link; from there, it is absorbed and processed at each team member’s own pace (with a due date, of course).

Then, once the repeatable content is out of the way, Millennial team members can meet one-on-one to discuss the finer details and answer questions, if needed. The admin leads these discussions with the data in our tracking features, highlighting areas that learners consistently scored poorly on. Also, because Millennial is so dedicated to quality, they require a grade of 90% or better before considering the information learned.

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