How Different Roles Can Use Lessonly for Teaching and Learning

I am in Chicago today, meeting with a bunch of nice folks in a bunch of tall buildings. Before I head to my next table full of water bottles, I wanted to share a list that I put together on the train. I will keep updating this as time goes on, but here are a few quick ideas for using Lessonly in your role, whatever it is:

Human Resources

  • Digitize that stale employee handbook and collect digital consent agreements.
  • Build a lesson that communicates your company culture and beliefs.
  • Build how-to lessons that help your new employees understand your internal methods (i.e., processes for key-card replacement, requesting vacation days, taking sick days, etc.).


  • Digitize your brand guidelines to get future marketers up-to-speed faster.
  • Make sure your team is on the same page with lessons on new marketing messages.
  • Create lessons to help your team use social media tools effectively and responsibly.


  • Build how-to lessons that help new hires effectively use your most-important pieces of software (i.e., your CRM, accounting software, help-desk software, etc.) and understand their roles (e.g., How to Effecively Generate New Leads). See this lesson on WordPress for inspiration on software training.
  • Make sure your team is on the same page with lessons on new product updates.
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