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How Revinate Delivers Consistent and Ongoing Enablement to it’s Worldwide, Remote Workforce

It’s no secret that the hotel industry has been deeply impacted over the last year. And now that travel is starting to pick back up again, it’s important for hotels to connect with guests on a personal level and deliver great experiences before they even walk into the lobby.

That’s where Revinate comes in. Revinate’s mission is to deliver scalable direct revenue and profits from data-driven solutions to hoteliers that, in turn, allow them to cultivate deeper relationships with their guests. The company’s guest data platform helps hotels build better guest relationships through guest insights and feedback across every location. Revinate is headquartered in San Francisco, with regional offices and team members located across the globe. 

When the pandemic hit, the entire team went remote, which meant it was even more important to keep everyone up-to-date with consistent information. “We have people in San Francisco, Canada, Mexico, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Singapore,” explained Belén Alemán, Senior Sales Enablement Manager at Revinate. “We needed a way to be able to cover everyone’s training because we can’t always do it in-person, and even virtual sessions are difficult when it comes to having everyone in the same meeting.” 

And while Revinate had a traditional LMS in place even before the pandemic hit, its employees and admins found it difficult to use. So, when Belén joined the Revinate team in late 2019, she suggested Lessonly. That’s because she’s a three-peat customer and has used Lessonly at previous organizations. (You can read what she has to say about Lessonly here in this G2 Crowd review.) “I played around with a lot of systems before choosing Lessonly the first time,” Belén noted. “I really analyzed other platforms, and there’s a reason why I keep choosing Lessonly.” 

The Importance of Ongoing and Consistent Enablement 

So, Belén set out to implement Lessonly for Revinate’s sales reps, and she immediately received great feedback from the team. “The adoption was really, really quick,” she shared. “And all of the learners immediately said how easy it was for them to view the content, go through it, and actually focus on learning as opposed to navigating the platform while trying to learn. That was really great, and ever since then, people have just loved it.”

Lessonly particularly came in handy with Revinate’s recent negotiation skill training that was done through a combination of in-person and online training sessions. This gave Belén the chance to appeal to a variety of learning styles with both on-demand content and hands-on learning. “Not everyone learns by watching a video or reading,” explained Belén. “With Lessonly, I can mix content up with text, images, and GIFS to make it more engaging, and that was a huge success. Lessonly also helped reps prepare for the in-person sessions that consisted of knowledge sharing and role-playing. And, everything was tracked, so I have this holistic view of the entire program.” 

Lessonly has been extremely helpful to Belén as she’s worked toward creating consistent training for reps. After reps complete training and she reviews their quizzes or submitted practice scenarios, she can have follow-up sessions with individual reps where she coaches them on specific areas that might need improvement. “Lessonly is really my starting point for pinpointing who needs my coaching because not everyone does, and that’s okay,” she explained. 

And Belén isn’t stopping there. In addition to leveraging Lessonly for ongoing enablement and coaching, she’s also using it to build out an onboarding program that new reps will complete over their first three to four months on the job. 

Partnering with Lessonly Services

Building an onboarding program and delivering consistent training to a remote and dispersed workforce is no small feat—especially for Belén who is a one-woman team. By partnering with Lessonly Services, she was able to transfer old training content into Lessonly’s platform in just two weeks. 

“We had 60 existing PowerPoint trainings that needed to be converted into lessons to relaunch to about 200 people,” explained Belén. “There was just no way I was going to be able to do that on my own with the timeline we had. By partnering with Services, we were able to launch. And, we’ve had amazing success.”

The Results

Lessonly has played a huge role in helping the entire Revinate organization understand the importance of training. “From our CEO down, everyone knows and believes the value of training because we’re remote and global. It’s so important for everyone to be on the same page, and it’s really difficult to make sure that everyone’s aligned from the pitch deck to how we’re speaking about our products. So, training really helps fill that gap,” Belén explained. 

In fact, Belén has seen ongoing knowledge retention and consistency among reps, especially from last year’s negotiation training. Reps are still using the language that they learned from that training in all of their deals. They can easily identify what style of negotiation to use with a prospect or buyer and how to overcome any objections that come their way. 

When it comes to connecting training with Revinate’s business goals, Belén notes that Lessonly has played a big part in helping reps hit their quotas. She finds that those who consistently hit quota are actively using Lessonly. “We hit our annual numbers and almost every quota last year in terms of sales,” shared Belén. “I can confidently say that the training we rolled out via Lessonly has helped keep us on track as a company overall.” 

And, there’s a reason why Belén has been a repeat customer. “For me, it’s always easy to use. I can create a lesson in less than 30 minutes and be done with it. And the learners have a good experience, too. Those two things are crucial,” she noted. 

We’ll wrap up here with a piece of advice that Belén offered up for anyone looking to make a buying decision for training software. “Really narrow it down and focus on what’s most important for you as an admin, content creator, and a learner. Lessonly helps me do all of that, and it’s fun,” she concluded.  

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