Do Better Work: Empower Performance

At Lessonly, it’s our mission to help people do better work so they can live better lives. Our Better Work Method (and the accompanying Better Work Assessment) examines the six essential steps of building a high-performing training program. This blog series offers an inside look at each step and how the Lessonly team applies each one to do better work.

Every Monday, the entire Lessonly team gets together to share department and company updates. During this time, we also take a look at our team’s objectives and goals. It’s an ideal time for all of us to review our performance, celebrate our successes, and have meaningful conversations about how we can do better work.

Over the last five years, we’ve found that when our team members receive thoughtfully prepared training, performance skyrockets. Employees who successfully complete training hit individual KPIs, quotas, and goals—resulting in overall business success. That’s why we developed the Better Work Assessment. This free, online tool helps other executives, managers, and trainers measure the impact and effectiveness of their own training program—and empower their teams to perform like never before.

Enable your organization to continuously improve, deliver, and quantify business results with better training. Evaluate your team’s training with our Better Work Assessment.

From capturing important data to developing a vision for your training program, here’s how to guarantee that your team’s training helps the business—and the people in it—succeed.

Capture qualitative and quantitative metrics

There’s no doubt that tracking team member performance is important. In fact, each Lessonly team member works with their manager quarterly to create a new list of performance objectives that relate to team and company metrics. This process makes it easy for us keep track of performance and provides a snapshot of what is going on within this business. However, pinpointing and measuring metrics that shed light on individual, team, and company performance is easier said than done. While there are plenty of metrics to choose from, it’s important to decide which are the most essential to evaluate team training and performance. Zoe Meinecke, Lessonly’s Director of Services, recommends looking at metrics across four different levels.

Tier 1: These metrics focus on employee learning efforts and include metrics such as learner engagement, training satisfaction scores, and the percentage of employees who complete training.

Tier 2: Once organizations have an idea of how their employees rate training, it’s beneficial to tie training to revenue. Look at metrics that determine how much money is saved and earned as a result of your training program.

Tier 3: Metrics that correlate with what your team and organization gain are extremely beneficial in evaluating performance. By reviewing key skills and efficiencies, organizations can determine what training is effective—and where there are still gaps.

Tier 4: Training is about improving your business’ bottom line. The fourth level of metrics should directly tie team training to your business objectives for maximum impact.

Find meaning at work

While metrics and performance indicators are important for every team and organization, we believe that doing better work is about more than delivering results. It’s also about finding meaning at work. When employees have the chance to learn, practice, and perform, they’re happier, more successful, and more engaged. When people feel confident and capable at work, it positively impacts every aspect of their lives.

Every day, millions of learners log in to Lessonly to learn, grow, and do better work. Whether funding a well in Africa or hiring hundreds of workers in a county plagued by unemployment, Lessonly’s customers embody this vision. World-class organizations provide training that helps employees find meaning at work, succeed, and drive global change.

The best teams restart the cycle

The beauty of the Better Work Method is that it’s all about continuous rapid improvement. Once your team hits the Perform stage, it’s time to use those qualitative and quantitative metrics and begin the next Assess phase. Forward-thinking and high-performing teams continuously revisit their learning plans and gather data during the training process to see how they measure against their goals. This cycle of constant growth and improvement is how we help our customers get superior outcomes, time and time again.

Training is about delivering results. Better performance empowers organizations and teams to continuously improve, maximize strengths, and exceed goals. In the end—we want to help every team have great training and do better work.

Start on the path to high-performance with our free online assessment

At Lessonly, we believe that great training empowers high-performing teams. Our powerfully simple software delivers critical knowledge and skills that sales and customer service reps need to do better work—and live better lives. Take our free Better Work Assessment and start on the path to operational excellence, or take a tour of Lessonly today.

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